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The Tropical Daily is the best place to find real estate, investment and tourism news on Latin America. Every day, our team sifts through the regions top financial newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters and blogs. We even reach back into the archives.

We then translate each article and pass on the most valuable news, ideas and opinions to help you make smarter investments in Latin America.

On any given day, we might post an article about the skyrocketing public transportation construction costs in Panama…why Guatemala ranks as a top ten dangerous place to do business…the one country booming with U.S. loan dollars…and where to find legitimate double-digit growth on Costa Rica real estate.

Above all, our mission at ET News is to pass on useful, interesting news you may not have time to find yourself…but information you’ll be able to use immediately.

And because we live and work in Latin America, we have an interest in knowing the pros and cons of investing in each country. We use this information to make decisions. We invite you to do the same.

Who Is Emerging Terrains?

Hi, my name is Park Wilson. My business partner Josh Linnes and I own and operate Emerging Terrains, a company that specializes in one of the most exclusive real estate investments in the world—investments that are actually impossible to do in America.

These investments involve virgin property—often miles away from civilization—that we buy at rock-bottom prices and then sell for an ROI in excess of 100%.

In the last 3 year alone, Emerging Terrains has bought over 6 miles of coastline and turned select parts of that property into developments that have generated returns in excess of 100% for our investment partners.

And we’ve done this two times during the worst global real estate market in history. Our Playa Burica and Boca Chica Island projects are proof.

If you’d like to learn more about us and how we discover information about the Latin America real estate market that nobody else has and capitalize on it, then sign up for our free 7-part email series “Emerging Terrains 101.”

Latin America Investment News on Viva Tropical