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Belize’s Prime Minister Goes Missing Again, Replacement is Disgraced Carlos Perdomo

Article Summary:

For the next five days Belize’s maximum leader of government by default is Carlos Perdomo, the failed Minister of National Security whose disgraceful record of protecting Belize’s national security caused embarrassment and forced his replacement as candidate in the upcoming elections. The actual Prime Misters, Dean Barrow, is on another 5-day hiatus, and continues his pattern of exiting the country every three weeks.

Photo Credit: Belize Times

Original Article Text From Belize Times:

Barrow goes M.I.A., Disgraced Perdomo acts as PM

This is scary. For the next five days Belize’s maximum leader of government will BY DEFAULT be a failed Minister of Government whose disgraceful record of protecting Belize’s national security caused national embarrassment and forced his replacement as candidate in the upcoming elections.

Belizeans cannot sleep well at night knowing Carlos Perdomo is presently the acting Prime Minister of Belize. Perdomo has been the worst Minister of National Security Belize ever. Under his watch, the nation’s security came under constant attack and the scandals over allegations of visa and passport sales were abound. Planes carrying drugs and trafficking humans landed on our national highways and our airport late at night.

Suspect individuals carrying legit visas entered and passed through our country, with little security checks. In fact, even after Perdomo’s National Security portfolio was stripped, and he was given Defense and Immigration – the blunders continued. It was under his watch that the Belize Defense Force compound was breached and the highest security officers’ armoury was broken into. The result was that dozens of high-powered weapons were stolen. It is also under his watch that Belize’s borders are under constant attack, with absolutely no intervention from Government. Is this how the Barrow Administration rewards incompetence and shame?

While having the disgraced Minister as the maximum decision-maker is frightening, the reason behind it is worrying. The actual PM is on another 5-day hiatus. Actually, since November last year, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been exiting the country every three weeks. Barrow left the country on Saturday once more to accompany his wife who is receiving chemotherapy as part of her breast cancer treatment in Miami.

Since coming to office, Barrow has been flown out of the country constantly. Our checks between 2009 and 2011 show he was away in February 2009, April 2009, June 2009, August 2009, November 2009, April 2010, June 2010, July 2010, August 2010, October 2010, January 2011, August 2011, September 2011 and October 2011, just to name a few instances.

Prime Minister Barrow’s approach to governance over the last four years has been about ‘que sera, sera’… ‘whatever will be, will be’. This is why the economy is now in shambles, the infrastructure all over the country has crumbled, crime has become deep-rooted and poverty has increased. Belizeans are not better off today – four years after under the UDP.

Now, even after having abandoned the nation in times of great need, Barrow says he will continue to be Missing In Action. At his most recent press conference he announced that he will be leaving for a full week every month, to travel with his wife as she undergoes chemotherapy. It sounded a bit as if Barrow was calling it a quits, but we didn’t quite hear him say he was giving up his salary and perks. How can Barrow expect to run the country for three weeks every month? How will he deal with the severity of poverty eradication, crime fighting, job creation when he will be away a great deal of the time, when his administration has failed tremendously after four years? Can someone please explain this?

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From Belize Times

  • Brian Yearwood

    Your comments about Belize’s PM is not accurate! Your post seem to reflect once again “The Belize Times” Newspaper which reflect (and 100% owned) only the views of the opposing political party. Please note that the present Government is very confident on how they have run the country and feels like the have the momentum at present hence, they are expected within a week to call an early election and is expected to win “again” by a landslide.

    Brian Yearwood
    Placencia, Belize
    Email: byearwood11@yahoo.com

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