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Belize Government Grants Illegals Naturalization in Hopes of Gaining Votes

Article Summary:

It’s desperate times for the UDP government party of Belize. With an offer of a free lunch and the use of $1.2 million dollars in taxpayer’s monies the government packed 400 immigrants into the George Price Centre in Belmopan, and with a brief processing, they were swiftly sworn in as Belizeans. The goal: keep the UDP party in power.

Photo Credit: Belize Times

Original Article Text From Belize Times:

Shameless – UDP Gives Away Citizenship for Vote

The UDP has become so desperate as the elections near that they will stop at nothing to try to steal it and maintain power for another 5 years. Hot off their free ham and turkey scheme and their abuse of $1.2m taxpayer’s money election gimmick, they have moved onto a sordid plot to give away hundreds of Belizean citizenship in exchange for votes.

It has taken over like a storm since last week Friday, when the George Price Centre in Belmopan

Word to the BELIZE TIMES is that the objective of the mass registration of immigrants is that they be placed in certain divisions where the UDP aspirants have no hope of winning unless they pad the list with a couple hundred votes. But since this is the case in almost all the constituencies, one can only imagine how many more will be shuttled in by the bus and truck loads to be hurriedly processed and made Belizeans in order to try and win the elections.

The scheme reeks of impropriety. The procedures are not being followed and our sources say that many people don’t even have proper documentation of where they were born, nor are they being required to sit the nationality examination yet they are given Belizean citizenship. Belizeans have even stepped forward to condemn the act because their addresses have been used falsely as dwelling places in the voter registration process. One lady in the San Lorenzo Housing area in Orange Walk was shocked to discover that her house was listed as the address for persons she had never met in her life. There are many more stories like this.

PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, also condemned the act, and urged public officers not to bend to dictatorship if they are instructed to carry out the illegal practice. “Many of these people”, he said, “have not lived in Belize for the required period of time to qualify to be a Belizean citizen. There was not a proper vetting process. In fact, our information suggests that many of these applicants presented their documents for the first time at the George Price Centre where the Minister of Immigration, Carlos Perdomo, was present, signing and approving these applications…so it seems that what has taken place is sort of a wholesale giveaway of Belizean citizenship for the purpose of padding the election list and helping certain constituencies. As we understand it, many of the persons who were sworn in last week were targeted for divisions in the north of Belize, in Corozal South East, Orange Walk Central, Orange Walk East in some blatant attempt to assist the UDP representatives in that area”.

There are many in Belize who have worked and lived, but who have been caught up in Belmopan’s red tape, unable to get their citizenship for many years. This scheme exposes the UDP’s deceitfulness and abuse of power – all in desperation to clutch power. Sources indicates that another crowd of 400 immigrants will be naturalized this coming week, with more expected. The Elections and Boundaries office, which had announced the end of registration period for January 10th, suddenly changed it to January 20th, clearly in an effort to give time to register those who are obtaining new citizenship.

The PUP calls on all Belizeans, and all voters collectively, to beware of what is about to happen if you put down your guard and let this bunch pull wool over your eyes. Once you cast that ballot, it won’t be for another five years until you can correct the mistake of voting for them. Think about the daily hardships under the UDP, think of the crime rate that has skyrocketed out of control and how real the possibility is that you or your loved ones could become a victim of home invasions, think of the high unemployment and social decay in our society. Think of the reckless and lavish spending under the UDP for which you and your children and grandchildren will have to repay for. Think, fellow Belizean voters, think.

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