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Cops Continue to Extort Immigrants in 100 Undocumented A Month Program

Article Summary:

Belize is on a nationwide naturalization movement with the intent to legalize the status of a 100 undocumented immigrants per month. Apparently, there are some police officers who have decided that they will carry out a “program” of their own, seeking to harass and extort money from undocumented immigrants reinforcing a well known corruption level in the Police Department. 

Original Article Text From Belize Times :

Dirty Cops Extorting Central American Immigrants
It’s no secret that there continues to be a steady influx of immigrants into Belize from our Central American neighbors. While many of these immigrants have obtained Permanent Residency or Nationality, there’s a large amount of them who remain undocumented and it appears that some “dirty cops” are taking advantage of this fact.

The BELIZE TIMES has received several reports of police officers attempting to extort money from undocumented immigrants. Those reports say that there are instances whereby “dirty cops” are randomly and routinely pulling over immigrants whom they “suspect” to be undocumented.  Some reports even suggest that these “dirty cops” are visiting bars, apartments, and other places where immigrants occupy and harass them.

Though we find this corrupt and unlawful practice by members of the Belize Police Department to be most disturbing and appalling, we can’t help but to think that perhaps, they did not receive the GOB “memo” informing that the UDP has embarked on a nationwide “Nationalization” of undocumented immigrants.  As we understand it here at the BELIZE TIMES, the UDP intends to “nationalize” some ONE HUNDRED undocumented immigrants PER MONTH.  Our readers would recall that before this recent “election ploy”, Barrow had announced that his Government was considering “amnesty” for approximately TWENTY-THOUSAND undocumented immigrants.  That announcement didn’t sit well with most Belizeans hence, the monthly nationalization program.

Evidently, there are some police officers who have decided that they will carry out a “program” of their own, an “extortion program” that is.  This latest occurrence of “dirty cops” seeking to extort money from undocumented immigrants only serves to reinforce corruption in the Police Department.  The welcomed departure of Crispin Jeffries does little or nothing to affect the public’s view of the Belize Police Department.  Jeffries was but only one “bad tooth” and even with his removal, the Department is still terribly decayed.

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From Belize Times

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