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Crumbling Walls and Shoddy Construction at Marion Jones Sporting Complex

Article Summary:

Something is going on at the multimillion dollar Marion Jones Sporting Complex under construction in Belize, where substandard construction was hidden behind a $1.7m fence used to conceal everything and anything going on at the construction site.

Photo Credit: Belize Times

Original Article Text From Belize Times:

What is going on at Marion Jones Complex?

Millions of dollars are being spent on a lifetime, life-sized project at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Belizeans can’t really tell what is going on inside the stadium because the UDP Government paid the UDP Albert standard bearer Herman Longsworth $1.7m to build a fence to conceal everything. It is the first time a fence is built at a project site before any actual structure goes up. Typical UDP.

Now we are starting to know why the fence was built first. The BELIZE TIMES has learn that some of the construction at the complex is substandard and might not be value for the millions of dollars being spent by the UDP.

Photos obtained by the BELIZE TIMES shows recently constructed concrete walls and bleachers cracking. It also shows the recently paved running track ripping through, as if done cheaply or inadequately. Reports are this was done for a whopping $2.9m.

Something fishy is going on at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex, aside from the big time hustling of public funds

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From Belize Times

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