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Deadly Roads in Belize Profit from $7.2 Million Development Loan

Article Summary:

Belize will be receiving a BZ $14.5 million loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for being ranked as one of the deadliest countries in the Caribbean as a result of traffic accidents.

Original Article Text From Guardian:

$14M for Better Roads in Belize

Belize will be receiving BZ $14.5 million dollars from the Caribbean Development Bank since it is ranked the highest in fatality rates as a result of road traffic accidents from among borrowing member countries.

According to the World Life Expectancy, the third highest cause of death after diabetes and coronary heart conditions are road traffic accidents. In 2010, Belize recorded 94 traffic fatalities as a result of accidents. With these staggering statistics, the CDB is stepping forward to make conditions better for those travelling on our roadways. According to a press release, “The Bank is of the view that the high death rate from road traffic incidents in Belize is not only disturbing from a public health point of view, but also translates into significant social and economic impacts due to lost productivity and increased vulnerability to poverty.”

As a result of this the CDB approved USD 7.248 million dollars for a project to reduce deaths and injuries as a result of road traffic incidents. The funding will be used to improve road infrastructure as well as educational programs to change road use behavior, traffic law enforcement, accident response and road safety management capacity building.

In the area of education and training, 100 teachers will be trained to deliver road safety curriculum to 2,000 students. 80 kilometers of primary roads between Belize City and Belmopan will also be upgraded from 1 and 2-star safety levels to a minimum of 3-star level. Capacity developments will also be enhanced with 20 public sector employees trained in road safety management, and 35 public sector employees trained in traffic law enforcement.

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