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Ecuador: U.S. $ 67 Million to Expand Port of Guayaquil

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Ecuador’s major port, Guayaquil, is set to expand with an investment of $67 million in order to achieve the government’s goal of moving 1.5 million 20-foot containers annually.

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Ecuador: U.S. $ 67M will be invested to expand capacity at the Port of Guayaquil

The concessionaire of the port of Guayaquil, Contecon, invested $ 67 million for the expansion of port capacity. The goal is to have a movement of 1.5 million TEUs (20-foot containers).

In Ecuador’s major ports are Guayaquil, Manta, Esmeraldas and Puerto Bolivar. In the latter leaves 80% of Ecuadorian banana production to Europe.

The movement of cargo entry and exit by the main port of Ecuador around 70% of the country, according to Cotecom.

With works on port ‘Simon Bolivar’, representatives of the dealer hoping to move l million and half containers until August this year.

The company manager, José Miguel Munoz, said that the investment is financed with proceeds from the securitization of flows.

A British publication in late 2011 included the port of Guayaquil in the top 100 worldwide. The study ranked the Guayaquil port ranked 100 out of 150 analyzed port terminals.

The manager said Contecon is the second strongest performing investment Contecon since taking the award in 2007.

Muñoz said that 100% of the funds will be used to purchase equipment and improve maritime and port infrastructure.

In early July the Guayaquil port will have two new post panamax gantry cranes and 11 RTG cranes for operations in yards.

Also, the port terminal will have two cranes for movement of empty containers, 12 trucks and 14 trailers.

Muñoz noted that some 270 meters of piers will be reinforced to serve ships of larger size and depth. This will optimize the operation of containers and general cargo.

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