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3 European Countries Which Can Still Afford to Visit Costa Rica

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Economic times are tough, particularly in Spain, who saw its number of visitors to Costa Rica drop by 3%. But it’s not all doom and gloom for other European block nationals who want to visit the country. Germany, England, and France are stable economies and have shown strong growth in the number of visitors to Costa Rica.

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European Tourist Interest Persists

Urges private sector to invest in ICT promotion campaigns in that region and in South America

The crisis in Europe, particularly in Spain, as evidenced by the national tourism sector: in the first half of this year, the visitation of tourists from the Old Continent has fallen nearly 2.64%.

However, employers believe that the change will be greater when detailing the figures in the months that usually travel more frequently than are August, September and October.

Overall, the five largest European markets, namely Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands and France showed reductions in visitation to Costa Rica.

Before the economic crisis is worsening across the ocean, suggests inject resources sector in promotion.

You have to remember, said Daniel Chavarria, VP-Futoropa firm specializing in promoting the European market, this region accounts for 16% and 18% of total tourism and even less about the U.S., remain in the country 15 days on average, generating more foreign exchange per tourist.

In his opinion, Germany, England and France are countries with stable economies and their citizens continue to travel, therefore should not be abandoned.

Certainly the European tourism has become more complicated, said Gustavo Araya, Ramada Plaza Herradura partner. But for him, we must work to attract more direct connections.

Some Spanish flag chains present in Costa Rica, as RIU and Barceló, have chosen to promote growth regions such as North America while Europe represents a small percentage of their occupations.

The Spanish case
Spain is experiencing a difficult economic climate today. From there, Iberia comes with two daily direct flights and tourists traveling in the months called “low season” for the sector.

The airline increased this year by 5% capacity San Jose-Madrid route.

“It is the market which further decreased, the most massive and over flights charter inexpensive with Air Madrid were canceled, “said Chavarria.

Last year (January to June) 19 855 Spanish and this came in the same period, 20,168. By 2010, 17,608 arrived.

Interestingly, the Germans outnumbered the Spanish with 25,578 in the first half of 2011 and to 27,438 this year.

“There are no hotels fully dedicated to the European market. Generally guests have different markets, precisely to avoid this kind of problem, “he said Ayub Flora, executive director of the Chamber of Hotels.

Barceló chain, only 10% of tourists are from Europe. The target market is not an emerging country like Costa Rica, said Javier Camacho, spokesman for the San Jose Palacio.

For Riu, the financial situation in Europe is a time of uncertainty but responds with a sales team working at full steam with the idea of ​​offering options to these traditional markets.

Laura Robles, media manager, said he is working with leading tour operators in Europe to increase connectivity with the destination Guanacaste (where the Hotel RIU Palace and the newly opened). The idea is to attract more transactions charter with travelers from the UK, Germany and Belgium.

In fact, for both hotels, 2012 has been a year with better numbers than in 2011, thanks to the influx of the U.S. market, and Canadian tico.

Another measure has been to strengthen the group and convention segment supported by the convention center operating since 2009 in Riu Guanacaste.

“We have a mix of very large customers that allows us to make sales, “he explained.

A criterion Chavarria, small hotels are suffering the most because Europeans visiting hotels with one, two or three stars are those who have stopped traveling.

Jane Lemarie, president of the National Network of Small Hotels, recognizes that many members suffering from low occupancy firsthand and even some doors have closed or put on sale its premises.

Institutional Shares
Given an exogenous factor like the financial crisis, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) has chosen to undertake cooperative campaigns in the European market (along with wholesale agencies, airlines and touro peradores) to place the Publish for international media and reach the customer by various sources.

Ireth Rodriguez subgerenta and marketing director, said that in Germany was reversed in four such campaigns and published 150,000 copies of an insert advertising distributed by 10,000 travel agencies.

Similar actions have been made in France, UK, Spain, attacking the media in each country stronger and attending international fairs most renowned as IMEX Frankfurt, World Travel Market in England, Top Resa in France and the Fair Madrid International Tourism.

“In total, there were in 2012, 12 European wholesale cooperative campaigns with a total of $ 637,508,” said Rodriguez.

Safe Steps
Here are some recommendations that could follow the country to protect its tourism sector.

Campaigns: State and companies should seek more sustained growth markets or stable as in French, English or German.

Spanish: Do not leave this market. Country strategy should be redefined, with greater discounts and promotions. The Spanish upper class always traveling.

Other zones: Attacking markets of China, Russia, Poland and Czech Republic, companies have discovered a passion for travel.

South America: accounts for 10% of total tourism. The airports are full of South Americans who travel to Europe or the U.S.. The ICT must do more campaigns, invite press, working with wholesalers; take advantage of that allied with Avianca TACA and has good connections.

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