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5 Sure-Fire Steps to Adjusting to Expat Life Costa Rica

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Become an expat and move to Costa Rica, where you can live in one of the world’s top-rated climates among the happiest people on earth! Below are five key steps to your new life.

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Escaping the Windchill Forever, Become a Costa Rican Expat: 5 Key Steps to Your New Warmer Life

Cuddled in a warm blanket sipping cocoa next to a wood burning fire is amazing, for about 20 minutes. After that, it’s cold, freezing, miserable, and inhumane! Living in a place where the ambient temperature could kill you can be a real drag. Having been raised in sunny Southern California, each winter in Kansas City I asked myself why am I here again? Why did I choose to live in the midwest? Yes, you also chose to live where you are. You may tell me that your family lives there or the schools are good where you live but either way, where you live is a choice. How would you like to kiss winter and the brutal windchill that accompanies it goodbye forever? Become an Expat, and move to Costa Rica where you can live in one of the world’s top rated climates among the happiest people on earth! Below is five key steps to your new life:

Create a Budget
One budget does not fit all. Research how much transportation, food, housing, and life costs in your desired location with your desired luxuries. (Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica delves into great detail the cost of living in Costa Rica for a variety of lifestyles).

Eliminate overhead in your country of origin. If you have a car payment, house payment, or other debt create a plan to pay the debt off by cutting out frivolous spending (i.e. HBO, eating out excessively, drinking at bars, etc.).

If you own a home, prep it for sale or devise a solution for managing the property internationally.

Start learning Spanish
Rosetta Stone is a popular option.
Join Spanish Meetup groups at www.meetup.com.
Enroll in your local community college’s adult education Spanish course.
Hire a private tutor.
Continue Spanish lessons after you arrive in Costa Rica.

Globalize your income
If your current job simply requires an internet connection, phone, and computer why not take it abroad? Telecommuting has become very popular and is advantageous for both the employer and employee. (See Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica for more information about how to get your boss to approve an international desk and what other jobs will free your borders).

Travel-size your life
Cars, furniture, electronics, kitchenware, linens, clothes, shoes, and an acclimation of stuff! If your desire is to move your life to Costa Rica then the most efficient way to do that is make your life travel-sized. If you haven’t used it in the last year, sell or donate it. Say adios to your heavy winter clothing!

Depending on your budget and end goal this process may reduce your belongings down to one small room or two checked bags of stuff. I can fit all of my belongings inside my 1980 CJ7 and I’m still trying to reduce. Less really has been more for me. For those people who aren’t looking to travel around much and simply wish to relocate from one place to Costa Rica, shipping a container of their favorite furniture and belongings may suite them best. My wife and I, plan to continue roaming from country to country, trying them each on for size. Which is why our life really must fit into two bags.

Pack-up, tie loose ends, and go
Pack your things. If you are shipping a container or boxes take care with the company that you choose. Cross reference the BBB and Moving Scam (Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica shares non-biased expat experiences with a variety of international moving companies in addition to providing moving check lists, and import tax resources).

Create an international mail system, cancel subscriptions, change your mailing address with your bank, credit cards, family and friends. Change your settings to paperless billing for invoices and statements.

Buy your plane ticket (make sure your passport will remain current for years to come). If you plan on filing for your residency (Cedula) make sure to bring the necessary documents with you stamped by the State. (For more information regarding immigration, the process, and required documents click here).

Your hard work will be worth it all the second your foot hits the tarmac and you inhale the tropical air knowing that you have forever left windchill, ice, and dreary behind. There will be challenges, ups and downs throughout your adjustment but the journey is the best part, enjoy it. Welcome to the rest of your life!

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