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Airline Seat Occupancy Rate Lukewarm in Costa Rica

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Despite adding flights from JetBlue and Air Berlin in 2011, Costa Rica saw a growth of only 1% in air passenger traffic, with a total annual tourism growth of 4%. Starting in January 2012 Denver’s Frontier Airlines begin operations in Liberia, adding to occupancy rates for 2012.

Original Article Text From El Financiero via Google Translate :

Flight Seats Grew by 56,085 Spaces this 2011

The availability of flight seats to travel abroad to Costa Rica increased by 1.95% (56,085 spaces) for this 2011, compared to last year. The data were presented by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) in the annual summary of achievements by the national tourism sector.

In total, the year closed with an offer of 2,885,646 against 2,864,433 seats available seats period generated in the same 2010 (January to October).
To these data, they must add the generation of seats by the airline Jet Blue (31 200 additional seats per year) and Air Berlin (3672 extra seats for six months) to start operations in November this year were not covered in the statistics of the Institute.

According to ICT itself narrows, this year was a period of significant revenues for the tourism industry, highlighting precisely the attraction of new airlines into the country.In addition, the air route Frontier (Denver – Liberia) and began operations on January 30, 2011, its 3596 it also contributed new seats to the numbers.

For its part, the United States remains the largest tourism market of our country. Of this nation comes just over 50% of visitors who come to Costa Rica every year.

Another of the estimates submitted by the Institute contemplated that this year our country will end with the visit of 2.183 million tourists, representing an increase of 4% over the previous year.

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