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AviancaTaca Airlines On Hunt for a Hub in Central America, Looks to Costa Rica and Guatemala

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AviancaTaca airlines is frustrated with El Salvador’s lack of commitment to the expansion of its international airport and announced it is on the hunt for a hub in Central America. The International Airport at La Aurora, Guatemala and the International Airport at Juan Santamaria in Costa Rica are top contenders, say airline officials.

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Original Article Text From El Salvador via Google Translate :

Taca analyzes airports, Guatemala and Costa Rica Under Fire for Lack of Plan to Comalapa

The airline’s executive vice president AviancaTaca, Stuart Ortiz reported that the El Salvador International Airport in Comalapa, you are leaving little to the plans of international expansion that is running the company, while not ruling evaluate other Central American country to establish the “hub”, especially for travelers who move between the region and the U.S..

According to the senior executive of the airline group, such analysis and decision passed by assessing whether the next five years the Government of El Salvador does not initiate a master plan to expand the attention span of aircraft.

Among the options evaluated for the “hub” (hub) mentioned the International Airport La Aurora in Guatemala and the International Airport Juan Santamaria in Costa Rica, but said that the challenge is to invest in El Salvador International Airport, in Comalapa, to provide and maintain the characteristics of a “hub” regional.

“For us the ideal thing would really make an effective plan, a real plan, even if it takes a little time. There can be neither of the overnight, but there … because well, long or medium term will happen and will be, but for now there is no such clarity about the development plan Comalapa “he said.

If in the next five years, the Salvadoran government does not initiate a master plan for expansion of Comalapa “probably we would have to have to move part of the operation to other airports,” he said Ortiz.

He added that “you never know foresee the future. If there comes a point where it is not feasible, then it must move as a whole, but I think we are too early to speak of a change of that nature, but I do believe that we are in a position where time is up, which urges a reaction short and long term, “he said.

Ortiz said that it is absolutely necessary to “give immediate solution to the urgent and have a plan that actually allows the country viewed as a ‘hub’ important in America as it has all the features to do it.”

The executive also said that any country in the region that the airport would become the “hub” of Avianca Taca, but they still believe in El Salvador, because the opportunities for growth and development are already there. The only thing left is to start the expansion plan to take advantage of one hundred percent.

Ortiz reiterated that with the expansion plans that have the airline, joining Star Alliance and virtually all future plans will be tiny Comalapa the company, which will not allow the airport to become a true center of development.

Ortiz’s statements were in Bogota as part of an information day on the achievements of the Alliance and its next AviancaTaca official incorporation, together with the International Cup, the Star Alliance, one of the largest and most important airline alliances the world.

The disadvantages
Yesterday, after announcing the next addition to Star Alliance, one of the largest international airline alliances worldwide, Ortiz said that “the Comalapa airport is becoming a limiting factor, not so much in the air, but in the terrestrial “.

“Already today, for example, on the banks of flight, in San Salvador have three, one in the morning, one at two in the afternoon and one at night, we started getting aircraft in a remote position, ie no bridges, no doors to unite and meet the aircraft, “he added.

AviancaTaca executive noted that this affects connection times and service, making it essential to implement as soon as a master plan for expansion in the AIES.

“For us it is fundamental and essential for the country is really an effective master plan, a real master plan carried there by the hand of private initiative and a real opportunity to have as a country to form a ‘hub’ effectively competitive Central America by the hand, an investment in airport infrastructure is absolutely necessary, “he said.

“Already today there are no doors sufficient for all aircraft. Today, as today, then the ideal is no longer limiting and have from not having rooms and doors, sleeves approaches, bridges. Then it comes to that point where it really already is not enough “he said.

Ortiz said Comalapa nevertheless remains an excellent point from the geographical point of view, but that “there is undoubtedly a key parallel development of the capacity.”

“San Salvador airport used to be the most complete and modern in Central America 15 years ago. Today is lagging behind almost everyone else,” said Ortiz.

AviancaTaca executive also said the AIES has the potential to generate income, which should be a priority for the Government of El Salvador, led by the hand to the private and public investment and achieve a highly productive airport, that allows airline operational difficulties growing out of service and generates today.

He reiterated that concern the company makes staying in touch with the authorities of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA), and are willing to work hand in hand with them, so they need to expand the airport becomes a subject agenda of the country.

ECA President Alberto Arene, said recently that the institution does not have the financial capacity to undertake a master plan for airport expansion and said that this project will be pending for the next government.

Arene only agreed to carry out a plan to modernize or “rehabilitation” has to do with cosmetic fixes, such as improving the bathrooms, air conditioners (its useful life had expired eight years ago), a “food court” (square meals), elevators and other basic work for the convenience of passengers, but above all to expand the capacity of boarding bridges AviancaTaca demanded. Learned that this year will buy next year five and nine sleeves for the disembarking passengers.

To estimate this modernization plan is required to invest 70 million dollars, and ECA only has 17 million. So to jump-start the expansion master plan will be required to go to seek international financing, with the backing of politicians.

The most recent Master Plan for expansion of data AIES 2007. It was developed by Aéroports de Paris and was only announced by the Government of Elias Saca, while the current administration of CEPA recently confirmed that no financial capacity to carry out, so just do an “upgrade” the same document.

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