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Battle Between Costa Rica and Nicaragua over San Juan River Valley Heats Up

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The battle between Nicaragua and Costa Rica over the San Juan River Valley continues to escalate. Costa Rica has sent a formal note of protest against an alleged raid on December 15 by Nicaraguan soldiers onto its territory. Costa Rica wants its road project, while Nicaragua says its building is environmental terrorism. A court date between the two countries is pending in the Central American Court of Justice.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Country Increases Pressure on Costa Rica

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA), Juana Argeñal, called the Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD) request to Costa Rica on environmental impact study for the construction of the road by the river San Juan.

Argeñal also sent a request to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands World to send a technical commission to the site and learn about the damages. For her part the president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, responded to its country’s Constitutional Court on the appeal lodged by the environmental Let me live in peace. She said that the works are “urgent” and “necessary” because they have brought progress to local people.

The president said she was hurt that they are Costa Ricans who support the protest of Nicaragua on the road, even though experts warn of irreversible damage to the environment.

Alberto Cabezas, president of the World Foundation Let me live in peace, considered that due to the international impact will early failure of the Constitutional Court, although it has no time for it. Cabezas said that if the road has touched most sectors of the mining project would be developed Crucitas three miles of the river San Juan.

Argeñal on the other hand said that since the Marena do studies to monitor water quality, sediment and biodiversity in the area. He noted that the area is privileged to host the red and green macaws and the almond tree, as well as countless species.

“There are notes of our Chancellor and Vice Chancellor requesting environmental impact studies. With a work of 160 km must have done scientific studies how to prevent all the impact they have caused, “said Argeñal.

On the other hand, Deputy Foreign Minister of Costa Rica, Carlos Roverssi, told Efe that this Tuesday Managua sent a formal note of protest against the alleged raid on Monday, 15 Nicaraguan soldiers on its territory.

According to the note of protest sent to the Foreign Minister Samuel Santos, the military made threats against the Costa Rican police were there. Colonel Juan Ramon Morales, Nicaragua’s army spokesman, strongly denied the alleged raid and considered that it might be related to the withdrawal of army chief Julio Cesar Aviles of Costa Rican authorities had no intention of capturing Nicaraguan and then transfer them to their territory and Nicaragua blaming rape. He said they continue to perform work only in Nicaragua.

While Costa Rican Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo again rejected the jurisdiction of the Central American Court of Justice (CCJ), the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Francisco Jimenez, said that nothing will stop the construction of the road.

The CCJ has said that Costa Rica is subject to that court for being a signatory to the Protocol of Tegucigalpa, the treaty framework of democratic security and others.

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