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Constant Growth Pushes Costa Rica’s Tourism Numbers Higher

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The first half of the year saw a 7.3% increase in tourist arrivals in Costa Rica, compared to the same period in 2011. Air travel marked the largest admissions, followed by land arrivals at 422,316 persons, according to the Directorate General of Immigration.

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Tourist arrivals to Costa Rica Grew by 7.3% in First Half

The first six months of Costa Rica reported the arrival of 1,285,599 international arrivals at all ports, a growth of 7.3% over the same period of 2011.The data emerging from the final cut of information from the Directorate General of Immigration (DGME) and analyzed and disseminated by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

Of all the ports analyzed, the airway is the one that has the highest number of arrivals with a total of 856,672 visits. By land was 422,316 tourists entering by sea and there was the visit of 6,611 people, both tracks show a positive variation of 9.3% and 62% compared to 2011.

While most revenue continues to report the Juan Santamaria International Airport (655,530 tourists) highlights the growth of 26% in the number of tourist arrivals to the Daniel Oduber in Liberia, with respect to 2011.

“Nearly 70% of international arrivals were recorded by air. If a comparison is made for months in the years 2011-2102 will be noted that in this way remains constant growth, “says the report of the ICT.

For Allan Flores, Minister of Tourism, this behavior in income by air is a reaction to work that the authorities have been making in attracting airlines and increased frequency of flights. The new route South America – Panama – Copa Airlines Liberia, a new frequency flight from San Jose, Costa Rica, Cancun, Mexico by Aeromexico and the arrival of the airline Interjet the country, prove that assertion.

Controversial Statistics
Considering that statistics, as released Wednesday by the Institute, do not reflect the actual number of tourists entering the country led to the Association for the Protection of Tourism (Protur) to file a lawsuit against the institution and economic. Boris Marchegiani, president of Association, said at the time that figures as released, are manipulated statistics has been offering the Institute and the sector generates false expectations.

“Many of these tourists considered by the ICT or already living in Costa Rica, have tourist visas or are simply passing (as the case of a truck driver who enters a border and the same day leaving the country). One thing and another are visitors are tourists, “said Marchegiani.

A Protur position is joined by that of other entrepreneurs who recognize the ICT statistics require polishing to make them be more reliable data and accurate. Meanwhile, the ICT said many times that for the number of international tourists is based on international regulations governed by the World Tourism Organization and United Nations.

“This is just one of several indicators and corresponds to the more general level. The purpose of a figure of this nature is to establish a measurement as objective as possible of tourism for the country, “said Flores.Polls on reason for travel, lodging, expenses, and other activities, which apply at ports of entry support measurements released by the ICT.

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