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Costa Rica’s Brand New $35 Million Terminal Has Flights Scheduled, But Sits Empty

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A few days after the start of the season, tourism entrepreneurs are urging the opening of new facilities at the airport of Liberia. Tourism is a key part of the Costa Rican economy, but the government refuses to receive flights to the new airport it inaugurated because the construction company has not complied with delivering construction plans and other technical information.

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Businessmen Call for Opening of the Airport in Costa Rica

A brand new airport terminal in northern Costa Rica remains closed and without government permission to operate, when missing days before the start of the tourist season collapse of dilapidated facilities at the airport of Liberia.

“It will be impossible to serve all passengers. Next week will begin arriving thirteen flights a day, equivalent to about 2,600 tourists in a building that can serve only 300 “, told AFP the president of the Tourism Chamber of Guanacaste, Alvaro Conejo.

“And yet we have a luxury building next door, which is not being used, that will give very bad image of Costa Rica to our visitors,” said business leader.

Repeated announcements of the early opening led to several airlines to be tempted by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism and schedule new seasonal routes to Liberia, in the heart of beaches, and saving its passengers 300 km of bad roads from San Jose.

Tourism is a key part of the Costa Rican economy, but the government refuses to receive the new airport and inaugurated as the construction company does not deliver the plans and other technical information.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Chairman of Civil Aviation Technical Council, Luis Carlos Araya, acknowledged the urgency of opening the new Daniel Oduber airport terminal in the city of Liberia, in Guanacaste, but said that before the concessionaire has to meet several requirements.

The terminal, which cost 35 million dollars, was built by the consortium Coriport, led by U.S. Houston Airport System, which also administers the Juan Santamaria International airport near San Jose.

With an area of 23,000 square meters, and four sets of shipment, the new terminal at Liberia may satisfy up to 1,600 passengers simultaneously and in reasonable time.

The spokesman of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Nayuribe Vargas, told AFP that Coriport is pending delivery of essential information on the construction process as well as some improvements in the work, without which the government can not receive and give as good. “It is bureaucracy, is that the law requires and does not want to repeat very negative experiences that have occurred with other concessions before,” said the official. Coriport local media said that the requirements requested of it by the DGCA recently and works to meet these requests, but did not give a time limit.

Shortly before Christmas season begins for tourism in this Central American country, where every year come close to 2 million visitors left about U.S. $ 2,000 million.

This figure is roughly equivalent to more than one fifth of Costa Rican exports, which in 2010 reached U.S. $ 9,325 million, according to official figures.The province of Guanacaste with lush beaches and a major hotel development is the main destination for visitors.

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