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Costa Rica: $150 Million Expansion Slated For Juan Santamaria Airport

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Construction is set to begin on the third and fourth phase of expansion at Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria airport. A new terminal to the east and west of the present terminal are the main works with a value of $150 million.

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Costa Rica International Airport began Modernization

The plan to turn to John Santamaria on one of the most modern in the region and took off. For the next three years the labels of “men working” are frequent at the airport.

The works are part of the third and fourth phase of airport expansion plan. Include an investment of over U.S. $ 150 million.

Part of the work will be financed with the loan of U.S. $ 100 million loan in October by the IDB and the Foreign Private Investment Corporation.

A new terminal to the east of the present and another to the west are the main works to be done.
But there is a reconstruction of the runway and aircraft bay located to the east. In addition, move the fire station and build a terminal for domestic flights.

When you are ready for new work, the airport will have capacity to serve 12 million tourists annually, said Luis Carlos Araya, Deputy Air Transport.

The work will be carried Aeris Holding Company, developer and operator of Juan Santamaria. This was the company three years ago took over the work left pending by Alterra Partners. The construction of sterile corridors is the first work that began Aeris. These passages of security prevent the tourists that they encounter those who go out.

The inauguration of this work, which is mandatory internationally, is in November. Meanwhile, work on the runway and in the east bay will start next month.

That will remove a layer of asphalt to lay a new seven centimeters. It also placed a treatment to “rejuvenate” the asphalt and demarcate completely.

The goal is for the Juan Santamaria offers airlines a revamped track in July. The expansion of the baggage claim area is another of the works to be undertaken this year. That will install a new larger carousel, capable of handling the operations of larger vessels.

The purchase of the equipment is in recruitment. Installation is expected to start in May and be ready in November.
the end of the year is also expected to start construction of a large boarding area east of the terminal.
The structure will have capacity to serve 240 passengers at a time, and will feature a telescopic bridge.
The construction period is one year, so its opening is scheduled for December 2013.

Another novelty of the airport expansion plan is to build a fire station. The headquarters of the apagaincendios be located south of the terminal, ie the side of the restaurant La Candela.

The building of 1,700 square meters, will begin construction in May 2013 and be ready a year later. By the same date is scheduled the start of the construction of a boarding area to the west. Not done before because they must wait to see the successful transfer of Coopesa Recope and facilities.

The terminal will have two floors west and will include two new bridges of contact with the aircraft. This work includes sidewalks to facilitate automatic transfer to the elderly and people with disabilities. Linked to the construction of the departure lounge will be expanded parking ramp west of ships. The ramp will be particularly rigid. The work includes lighting, signage and drainage. Both the departure lounge as the extension of the ramp will be ready in September 2015.

The airport modernization can not be completed without the expansion of commercial areas. In this sense, enabled two large spaces which together have 2,112 meters square.bAnother novelty is that the new commercial area will be open to the public and it can be seen landing and takeoff of aircraft.

The airport expansion was necessary to the growth in tourist arrivals. Last year alone were mobilized by the Juan Santamaria around 4 million passengers. That makes the second terminal of Costa Rica in more traffic, second only to that of Panama.

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