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Costa Rica After Open Skies Agreements

Article Summary:

Costa Rica is negotiating open skies agreements with Qatar, Turkey, and China and has plans for another with Holland to increase air traffic to the country.

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Government Negotiates Four Open Skies Agreements

Costa Rica negotiates three new open skies agreements and revises an existing room, which would allow the opening of direct flights from our country without restriction to those destinations.

This is Cathar, Turkey and China, nations with which our country has no such agreements, while the Civil Aviation Authority renegotiated an existing one with the Netherlands, said Luis Carlos Araya, Deputy Air Transport.

These agreements will allow TACA (Lacsa through registered as a national flag airline) fly to these countries without restriction or passenger frequencies. For now, the airline has no flights to those destinations.

The new negotiations march to different rhythms with Middle Eastern nation, Costa Rican authorities are awaiting a response to a series Tasting comments made by Costa Rica. Negotiations began last September.

In China, the talks began in February this year, with Turkey, began a month later.

In the case of the Netherlands, Costa Rica signed an agreement in 1994 (ratified in 1999), but those responsible for the field want to extend the benefits and, for that, have discussed the issue since June last year.

“Our commitment is to continue to promote strategic alliances commercial air, as in the case of new negotiations that the Civil Aviation Technical Council done to attract new airlines,” said Araya.

Costa Rica has other open skies agreements, including the United States signed in 1997 and formalized in 1999. There are also those with Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia and the United Arab Emirates.

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    Whoever wrote this isn’t a native speaker of English. I couldn’t understand much of it. It’s English, but it makes not sense.

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