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Costa Rica Announces $850 Million Infrastructure Plan. Will it Have an Impact?

Article Summary:

At a value exceeding $800 million, Canton Road Network Program of Costa Rica operated by Ministry of Public Works and Transportation will begin an aggressive infrastructure improvements program with local municipalities which have signed on board. Currently, 89 local government bodies have joined the list and will benefit from road resurfacing to bridge building.

Original Article Text From El Financeiro via Google Translate :

18 Municipalities with Approval for Road and Bridge Improvement

The municipalities of Nandayure, Turrialba, Heredia, Cartago, Los Chiles, Alajuelita Turrubares, including 18 in signed the first agreements of Canton Road Network program. The program will integrate the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) in coordination with the 81 municipalities and 8 district municipal councils, in addition to financial support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Initially we will work with $ 200 million to improve the conditions of the road network Cantonal and bridges, structured in two phases, the first one for $ 60 million IDB loan and $ 15 million national counterpart and the second for $ 140 million and $ 35 million local counterpart.

The program consists of a full payout of $ 850 million. Meanwhile, the 18 municipalities that signed the agreement with the Ministry defined as projects that want to realize under this program.

Cantonal Road Network (PRVCI) is to hit 1,500 km of priority road rehabilitation works, improvement and maintenance both routine and periodic road as bridges.

The municipalities received training just over a year by the Ministry where he explained the scope of the program and methodology for the selection, planning and implementation of projects.

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