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Costa Rica Ceases Coastal Evictions

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Evictions from homes, hotels, and restaurants situated in protected or state-owned areas in Costa Rica have been suspended for two years.

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Congress Slows Evictions Borders and Coasts

During the next two years there will be no evictions from homes, hotels and restaurants that are seated in the maritime zone, mile border or nature reserves.

MPs yesterday approved by a majority of 37-1 record 18.440, led by the Executive as a temporary solution to the imminent eviction of the land, by law, are the state and should not be inhabited.

The plan is an initiative of the executive branch to stop evictions and demolitions in the next two years, while adopting the reforms needed to remove the illegality of these settlers.

On March 9 this year, the Comptroller General’s Office told municipalities that they should enforce the Law on Maritime Terrestrial Zone, in force since 1977.

The Comptroller issued its ruling after a citizen denounced the invasion of state land.

The problem was compounded given that the Comptroller also noted that municipalities and other state bodies should tidy up the situation in the protected lands. Hence, also will be affected the inhabitants of border areas and nature reserves.

As a solution, the Executive sent to Congress a bill approved yesterday. This ensures that during the next two years will not run evictions.

However, in an Aug. 21 report the auditing body said legal issues in law plan.

But these criteria were ignored and the project was the first of two debates without further discussion, although the FA deputy, José María Villalta, tried in vain to convince his colleagues that the plan was not a solution “real” .

For proponents of the project, the cause was just and urgent.

“This is an emergency because, with what is already notified to evacuate, you can not do anything, but from the entrance of the new law notifications are paralyzed and there is a bit of tranquility” in the area, said the legislator PUSC Walter Céspedes.

The plan of law urged him vehemently the first Vice President Alfio Piva, and in the Legislative Assembly, Deputy Céspedes.

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