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Costa Rica Commences with Study To Open Southern Airport, Contruction Could Begin by 2013

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Costa Rica has commenced with financial feasibility, environmental and economic impact studies for the building of an international airport in the southern section of the country. Government officials say the airport was planned in accordance to their tourism development model in the south focusing on smaller hotels and ecotourism.

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Costa Rica to Build New Airport in the South

The Embraer 190 and Airbus A320, with capacity for 150 passengers, will be the commercial aircraft that may land on the runway of the new international airport is to be built on the south side of the country.

The new landing field campaign promise of President Laura Chinchilla, will go on stage next year, with the goal of remaining in building upon completion of this government.

The work is focused within a concept of “green”, ie design, construction and operation attack as little as possible from the environment. Preliminarily determined to be done with $ 42 million.

The aim of the new terminal is to encourage the arrival of tourists to the region and provide it with a base of operations in the event of an emergency in the southern part of the country.

The main feature of the aircraft that can land on the southern runway is that they are smaller than the airline industry provides international flights.

Thus it was arranged in regards to tourism development model is the south, with smaller hotels and recreation concept of adventure.

In this regard it was considered desirable to build a runway of 2.2 kilometers less than a mile from Juan Santamaría-by 45 meters wide.

Addition would have a passenger terminal with capacity to serve 150 people simultaneously, ie only 10% of tourists will reach the new lounges are to be shown at the airport in Liberia.

As an international airport, will have the services of Immigration and Airport Police and Prosecutor.

Currently the southern airport project with the master plan for the coming year has been budgeted to complete the financial feasibility studies, environmental and economic impact, said Luis Carlos Araya, Deputy Minister for Air and Maritime Transport.

It is anticipated that pending analysis beginning in the first half of next year, and if the studies find that the work meets the basic conditions, construction would start in 2013, said the chief.

The work will be developed through concession bidding and not, as has been the constant in the expansion plan of the airport Juan Santamaría and Daniel Oduber.

Preliminary studies for this project began in 2008. These define the dimensions that would have the new airport.
They also looked at the area from the archaeological point of view, geotechnical, soil, water, plants that are in the area of ​​Sierpe.

To build an airport “green” Farms were chosen 9 and 10 of Sierpe, Osa Puntarenas, it was found of the few places free of wetlands.

In turn, the new plan includes an environmental assistance, including the protection of the wetland 7 000 hectares Térraba-Sierpe.

The operation of the airport will also be consistent with the environmental model, for example, will use the rain water for washing the terminal, among other provisions.

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