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Costa Rica Downgrades Plans for Southern Airport

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Costa Rica’s desire for an airport in the south of the country is strong, but the project no longer has the same initial aspirations, which were to make it an international airport capable of receiving intercontinental aircraft. The runway now proposed will receive aircraft with a maximum size similar to that of an Embraer 190 or Airbus 320 and have a terminal exclusively to the attention of corporate aviation and charter flights.

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\Open Tender For Evaluating Environmental Impacts Of Airport South

With the bidding for environmental impact studies, whose sign will be made public through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on Monday 27 February, the plan to build a new airport in the southern zone of the country receives a new impetus .

The deadline for submitting the report is eight months . “By year-end that will have an exact criterion of whether or not it is possible to build the airport,” said Luis Carlos Araya, Deputy Air Transport.

The poster award is scheduled for April 13.

As Terminal
The project to build a super airport in the South Zone with capacity to serve transatlantic flights down from altitude.

Now the Government proposes the construction of a terminal dedicated exclusively to the attention of corporate aviation and charter flights, with a cost of between $ 42 and $ 60 million. The foot runway, where aircraft may land up to 190 Airbus A320 and Embraer, will be complemented by a terminal with capacity to serve up to 150 passengers.

The reduction in scale of the project eased the requirements for purchase of land from five farms to only two.”We are moving ahead in negotiations with the IDA and the INFOCOOP to acquire these two properties. Civil Aviation has already content required budget, about $ 4 million.

We are awaiting details on the possibilities of transfer of the 60 people living on these farms, “said Araya.

Work of Conviction
While the process progresses, the civil aviation authorities try to allay the fears of environmentalists and tourism operators in the area.

The concern stems from the proximity of the land selected by the Civil Aviation Technical Council (Cetac) for the project to the large wetland Térraba-Sierpe .”

Last week I met with five mayors in the area and large number of stakeholders. There is a clear need to build an airport, but that is a prudent development touristically speaking, “said Vice Air Transport.

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    Environmentalists strike again in their goal of forcing everyone (except them) to live in caves without any modern facilities.

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