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Costa Rica Enters Digital Age with Online Business Registration

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New registration in Costa Rica’s National Register is now a bit simpler with the addition of digital registration.

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Costa Rica: New Platform Reduces Time And Paperwork For Business Creation

Registration of a new company in the National Register, the application of legal books and issuance of the edict are now much faster and simpler thanks to the coming into operation of a new electronic platform, which enables these procedures from the computer, the comfort of your home or office.

This new platform called CrearEmpresa, was developed by the Technical Secretariat of Digital Government, in coordination with the National Registry, the National Notary Directorate, the Directorate General of Taxation, the National Printing Office and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) responsible for the Simplification of Procedures Program promoted by the Government of the Republic.

With the commissioning of the first phase of CrearEmpresa, opened this morning in the National Register by the President of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla Miranda, users can perform the procedures for company registration or application for and issuance of the edict books , interconnecting various institutions under the single window scheme, available through the website www.crearempresa.go.cr.

“The model we are implementing traceability and seeks to give transparency to the user, who may know where your process and what the status is, through consultations.

In addition, the notary will be notified of the status of the process through emails and text messages to your phone.

CrearEmpresa definitely represents all the institutional advantages of interoperability as a notary on average 21 days it took to register a company and get their law books.

Today, thanks to the platform can run this process in just 5 days, “said Alicia Avendaño, Director of Digital Government.

Notaries will be the main actors when making applications for registration (electronic evidence) of new corporations in the National Register.
Also arranged with the National Printing Office processing the Gazette publication of the edicts of new company registration, allowing the platform to generate the notice of publication will go to the Printing, notaries thus not have to travel for such procedures.

“Costa Rica requires a quantum leap in the development of a business climate that favors the country’s competitiveness, promote entrepreneurship and stimulate the emergence of new micro, small and medium enterprises that contribute to innovation, the creation of jobs and wealth, “said the Minister of
Economy Trade and Industry, Mayi Antillon.

Project Development
CrearEmpresa be developed in two phases:
The first phase, presented today, includes the processes of consultation procedures, applications for registration of a new corporation in the National Register and authorization for the legalization of legal books. The second phase includes the procedures and requirements for operating the new business, including business license.

This process would take a total of 20 days, including the first phase, which previously took 120 days on average.
The second stage will be available from May 2012.

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