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Costa Rica Evades Housing Shortage

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According to the Interamerican Development Bank, Costa Rica does not suffer a housing shortage, but instead suffers from poor housing conditions.

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Costa Rica has the Lowest Housing Shortage in the Region

18% of families in Costa Rica has housing deficit, ie, they are families who have no housing or living in a poor quality but without basic services or at risk of losing it not be proper or not have the resources to pay. This percentage is the lowest in Latin America.

At the regional level one in three families live in inadequate housing, the study found “a space for development: housing markets in Latin America and the Caribbean”, released Monday by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB .)

The country’s main problem is not homelessness, but the conditions thereof. Only 2% of the families is not structured according to the study, but 10% have problems you have.Among the disadvantages is the poor quality of the materials (5%), overcrowding (1%) and lack of secure tenure (6%).

The study estimates that for the region to reduce the current housing deficit homes built exclusively by governments should be more than septuplicar current investment programs, which involves an expenditure of 7.8% of GDP in the region.

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