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Costa Rica Expands List of Items Excluded from Value Added Tax

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In Costa Rica, the Ministry of Finance has published a new list of products exempt from the basic Value Added Tax of 13%. Among the excluded items are red meats as well as honey and various fish products.

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Treasury released new free list 13%

The Ministry of Finance announced yesterday the decree containing the new list of goods exempted from sales tax of 13%, after nearly three weeks of negotiations with employers.

Among the exempted products, there are several types of sugar, all beef or pork, fresh, chilled or frozen, except some fine cuts like loin and tenderloin, chicken, sausages, canned or packaged except , fish (whole, in part or filet), fresh, chilled or frozen, salted, salted or dried, other than canned or packaged.

Not included in the list of fish seasoned, seasoned, breaded and other preparations, or tuna, salmon, sea bass and cod.

In the list of exempt are also black beans, red, white, tender, including packed in sealed plastic, which was one of the contentious issues.

In the case of bread, which was another topic of discussion, is included in the list of free bread based on wheat flour, natural yeast, water, salt, grease and any other additional ingredients, including roasted and ground, and square and fresh.

The decree is part of the measures announced last month by President of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla, to address the fiscal deficit.

The new decree is available on nacion.com.

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