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Costa Rica Explores the Possibility to Join Trans-Pacific Alliance

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Costa Rica is exploring the possibility of participating in the Trans-Pacific Alliance, which has the potential to become the commercial hub of the Asia Pacific region.

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Costa Rica Valued Participation In Joint Venture Between Pacific And Asia

Foreign Trade Minister, Anabel Gonzalez, this week will visit Washington, DC to explore a possible involvement in the trade agreement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is being negotiated at this time.

In the Alliance involving Australia, Brunei, Chile, USA, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. It aims to deepen trade ties and create ideal conditions to facilitate increased trade between markets of the Pacific Rim and Asia America .Materialize this aspiration, the agreement would create the world’s largest regional, which would cover one quarter of world trade, said the Ministry of Foreign Trade (Comex) in a statement.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership, and a trade agreement, is a powerful mechanism to promote competitiveness, trade facilitation, regulatory consistency, and participation in global value chains, “explained the Minister.

Costa Rica’s exports to the countries of the alliance accounted for more than $ 4,100 million in 2011, 40% of the total country.

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