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Costa Rica: High Fuel Prices and Inflation Hits

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A rise in fuel prices coupled with an increase in inflation has stalled the growth of Costa Rica at 5%.

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Costa Rica: Fuel Price And Inflation Hits

The Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) estimates an upward shift in the trend of inflation of 0.85 points due to increased fuel costs. This would place the growth rate of Consumer Price Index (CPI) about 5% after the first half of 2012. This adjustment is generated after six consecutive months the change in the CPI was consistently lower. Last February was 4.05%, so that the central projections assume a significant increase in prices, the effect would be reflected more in April. According to Blog Pulse stock to get a variation of 5% in June should be available year increases in the consumer price index nearly 4 times the average monthly increase so far this year.

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