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Costa Rica Hotels Suffer

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In September and October hoteliers reduce or close their operations due to the low levels of occupancy recorded at this time of year.

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Costa Rica Hotels minimize their activity season

Hotels in Costa Rica minimizing operations in September and October , the two months of the year lower occupancy , which means temporary removal or transfer of employees to maintenance workers .

A survey by The Nation from some hotels and chambers of industry revealed that this year the situation is even more difficult , it is estimated that the average occupancy will fall to 35 % , and less than 30 % in many cases.

Ayub Flora , executive director of the Costa Rican Chamber of Hotels ( CCH ) , said the occupancy rate has been falling for about three years.

” Some hotels are scheduled to tell us that 30% or 40 % occupancy for September and October , with projections to less than 30% ” . said.

Mode . The ruling acknowledged that many hotels hire staff in the form of ” temporary workers ” . That means they will work only a specific period , which ends precisely at the end of August, to start the year’s lowest period for the sector.

Isabel Vargas , president of the National Chamber of Tourism ( Canatur ), recalled that in 2011 the average occupancy in September and October closed at 42.2 %, which fell to 35.8% last year and is expected to be lower this year .

Vargas noted that very few businesses close completely as Costa Rica tourists still captures some specific niches , although the situation itself causes some hotels are stopped for a while.

Such is the case of Pacific Moon hotel in Manuel Antonio , with 12 rooms, but closed its waiting to resume operations in December.

Generalized . Leovigild Villegas , president of the Chamber of Tourism of the Northern Zone ( Catuzón ) recognized that employers send employees to the house , but said he did not handle numbers. In that area , the hotel Arenal Kioro takes to send staff to training , vacation and give back to other maintenance tasks , explained Francinia Solano , reservations area .

In the Arenal Paraiso sent one or two people to vacation department , said Gloriana Ramirez of Reservations .

Jorge Arrieta , Manager of Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio , Aguirre , said that not fired anyone, but do cross train , ie people going to other department .

He added that they also leave the hotel as new, ready for the high season , from December .

Ricardo Guardamuz , deputy manager of Blue River, in the foothills of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano , recognized staff who have contracts ending on these dates. The occupation in September fell to 45% . Collaborated Mario Guevara and Carlos Hernandez

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