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Costa Rica: New Juan Santamaria Airport in 2026

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Early studies are in the works for a new airport located at Juan Santamaria, which would be operational in 2026 when the Aeris Holding contract expires.

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Warm Up Plan New Airport In Costa Rica

Take off early studies of the work with the goal that by the end of this government and working on the master plan.

It will begin operations in 2026 when, because at the time the contract expires Aeris Holding the front of the Juan Santamaria.

You can not before because the contract requires the State to Aeris compensate in case of Juan Santamaria demand comes down.

To meet the challenge of having a mega airport in 2006, construction would start two years ago at the latest.

It is very likely to be built using the concession model.

It is estimated that when taking off operations at the new air port, the passenger flow exceed 12 million.

Just airspace congestion in the Central Valley to be built a new airport on the outskirts.

The money for school is already safe. Resources will you turn to Civil Aviation Aeris profits from the airport.

Wind, airspace capacity, and migration of birds, are some of the analysis to be done to choose the best area for construction.

Coyolar Orotina is the community that meet the best conditions to host the new terminal, according to preliminary analysis.

This because it is almost at sea level, which makes maneuvering of aircraft, and also to have excellent visibility.

Even as we have identified an area of ​​800 hectares which would put the future of the country’s main airport.

One advantage is that the lot will be needed are three owners, which would facilitate the purchase, said Luis Carlos Araya, Deputy Air Transport.

Of course, there is the complexity that must be mobilized about 500 people Coyolar for safety reasons.

In that sense, the aeronautical authorities managed by the municipality to prevent the development of new towns in the area.

Among the innovations of the new airport stands to be the first to have two runways.

For their part, have railroad have the added value that could enable the passenger train from the capital to Orotina.

In addition to being just 30 minutes from the capital and near the Pacific beach destinations the location is strategic.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) advises the country studies and development of the new terminal.

Building on experience and achieve more transparency in the process is what is sought to get closer to ICAO, Araya explained.

Another advantage of working with this organization is the flexibility that is achieved, and that competitions can not be appealed.

When the new airport, Juan Santamaria could house operations that occur in the Tobias Bolanos Pavas.

There currently are taught in classes of aviation, is the basis for private flights and air taxis and local flights.

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