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Costa Rica Pledges to Modernize Paso Canoas Border Crossing

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The Paso Canoas border crossing, linking Costa Rica and Panama, is a key site for binational trade, and will soon have an Integrated Control Center built on the Costa Rican side. Currently, the border crossing suffers from a lack of efficient logistical processes and the modern regulatory processes for imports and exports, which are often overloaded.

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Panama and Costa Rica Trying to Join in Paso Canoas Customs

Panama and Costa Rica have two buildings in the town of Paso Canoas (southern border), where they work together or juxtaposed customs, a new study prepared by modernizing American Development Bank (IDB).

The system is called Integrated Control Centre and the two buildings will be deep in the territory of each country and not just at the border point, said Vice Minister of Foreign Trade (Comex), Fernando Ocampo.

A modernization plan ground crossings, which involved several ministries and agencies, is coordinated by Deputy Ocampo.

In the case of Paso Canoas, the building of Panama delve 1.2 km of the border of Costa Rica and to 1.8 km. In each building there will be officials from various agencies of the two countries, so that does not make two steps, but one.

If the products are going to Costa Rica to Panama, would control the Panamanian side building, involving officials of the two countries. If the load is from Panama, would control tico side, with equal involvement of officials from both nations.

Ocampo felt this much speed up the service and not lose control, as there will be specialists in each country.

Backup. Francisco Quiros, executive director of the National Cargo Carriers (Canatrac) said they do not know the final draft of the feasibility study, but they know the project, believe in him and will support.

He said the plan has been reviewed several times in meetings with Deputy Ocampo. Motor carriers, detailed, custom juxtaposed believe is the best that can be contained in Paso Canoas, for the good diplomatic relations the country has with Panama and that create all conditions.

The IDB proposal will be reviewed by deputy ministers and officials from various agencies of the two countries, on September 20, in Panama City.

That meeting will be immigration officials, Customs, Foreign Ministry, Planning, Public Works and Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

The suggestions were incorporated into the study to be presented as a final proposal on November 7. The goal is to begin construction in 2013.

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