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Costa Rica Port Fees Increase 10.5%

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Regulatory Authority of Public Services (Aresep) of Costa Rica approved an adjustment increase of 10.57% on maritime and port services at the ports of Limon and Moin.

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Port Fees Have A Rise Of Limon 10.57%

Regulatory Authority of Public Services (Aresep) approved an adjustment on maritime and port services provided by the Board of Port Administration and Economic Development of the Atlantic (Japdeva) in the ports of Limon and Moin. The increase is on average 10.57%, so that unloading a container will increase from $ 48.2 to $ 64.27.

According to the Aresep, there is a need Japdeva administrative order, but while the rates adopted ensure competitiveness and operation of ports. The figure represents a 17.34% weighted increase in total revenue of the institution until December 2012, “however, emphasizes the financial imbalance has Japdeva and attributes the significant growth of spending rather than a decrease in revenues of port services, “said the regulator.

The methodology considers fees for use of port infrastructure, an investment return of 7%, while rates for general cargo and containers, a profit margin of 15%. The amounts approved governed as price caps and not as uniform tariffs.

The cost to mobilize 1,000 containers, in the case of Japdeva, would be $ 190.96, while for the new terminal would cost $ 237. For its part, the Attorney General’s Office played in Opinion C-329-2011, of December 22, 2011, which profits from the provision of port services will go to work for the development of the Atlantic.

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