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Costa Rica Goes Hot and Steamy

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An ambitious plan is underway to boost medical hydrology in the northern part of Costa Rica, where developers will take advantage of the tourist infrastructure and natural conditions in the area to offer spa tourism.

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San Carlos wants to position itself as a center of spa tourism

The hot springs are just warm and relaxing pools. These areas with medical and healing properties due to its high mineral content.

This is the concept that wants to push sancarleños a group of businessmen who formed a commission to promote medical hydrology in the area, taking advantage of existing tourism infrastructure and natural conditions of the environment.

The plan is to create partnerships with the medical community and business to build medical centers and train professionals in that industry health, said Lorena Herrera, entrepreneur and chairman of the task force.

Gabriela Moreira, Baldi Hot Springs spokeswoman, said people who visit the thermal pools complex come to relax and heal some kind of physical ailment.

“This tourism has been growing as people recognize the benefits of thermal water,” said Moreira.

A similar strategy was launched in Bagaces of Liberia after the construction of Lost River resort, but there were more initiatives in this direction, confirmed Alvaro Conejo, president of the Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism (Caturgua).

Data from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) indicate that about 25% of the tourists coming to Costa Rica to visit the north.

Ant Work
Project promoters in San Carlos began his movements for about two years, consulting with organizations like the American Association of Spas and Termal International Tourism Fair (Termatalia).

Herrera said that in seeking reaffirmed the need to train professionals in medical knowledge about the properties of water.

After structuring their ideas, sought the support of the Chamber of Tourism of the Northern Zone (Catuzón), which authorized them to form the working committee.

“You have to start measuring how many there are spas, formalize and make categories,” said Herrera.

For now, the work focuses on the commission and has already been communicating Catuzón affiliates.

Frania Rodriguez, manager of Green Recreation thermal center, stressed their interest in participating.

“When we learned of this initiative very interested us so much that we decided to enter the camera just to be part of this project,” said Rodriguez.

Likewise, Mariana said Araya, public relations manager Kioro Arenal Hotel.

“It seems a very interesting perspective, give all the thermal healing benefits also offer”, said Araya.

Refine strategy
Rodolfo Lizano, leader macroprocess ICT Planning and Development, said the initiative and know that the concept of thermal tourism or medical hydrology is not within any of the categories of reason for travel that includes the World Trade Organization (WTO) .

Lizano said the strategy for promoting new products are focused on leveraging the possibilities for the development of the same in different localities.

Meanwhile, Massimo Manzi, Executive Director of the Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine (Promed), said that the initiative does not know but is aligned with what the company has done since 2011.

“We believe that the San Carlos can represent comprehensive health center and wellness reference in Latin America”, voiced Manzi.

In his opinion, since the area is positioned as a hot spring. The success depends on the ability to engage the medical community and business to develop and eventually dental medical centers.

For Manzi, the goal is to position the subject, not as an activity but as a reason to visit the country.

This will require strengthening the supply of high value-added services in the field of health, which involves increasing the complexity and professionalism of treatment: not only massages and visits to hot springs, but intensive programs, plans for welfare and relaxation can be offered at the corporate level, complementary therapies for recovery from surgery, accident rehabilitation, etc..

“The region of San Carlos can rebound to International Health Center and not only a place of passage for a swim,” said Manzi.

Plan on track: The commission northern entrepreneurs plan to focus on partnerships and promotion. Here are some actions:

Training: It was agreed with the International Fair of Thermal Tourism (Termatalia) training on hydrology Costa Rican medical professionals at the University Complutense of Madrid.

Promotion: Develop innovations in spas, spa and climate therapy and training and awareness programs of spa tourism, spa and wellness.

Environment: To contribute to the improvement of environmental quality, conservation of biodiversity, protection of aquifers and springs georesources and spaces and protected areas that are the thermal springs.

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