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Costa Rica Seen as More Corrupt, But Still Leads Central America.

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Costa Rica scored 4.8 on The Index of Corruption Perception 2010 according to a report released by NGO Transparency International. This year’s ranking is a drop from previous years ranking of 5.3, where the country was perceived as less corrupt.

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Perception of Corruption Up in Costa Rica
In one year, increased their perception Ticos of Costa Rica as a corrupt country, however, despite the demotion, the country is still perceived as the least corrupt in Central America, according to the Index of Corruption Perception 2010. The annual report, released Thursday by the NGO Transparency International (TI), gives a score of 0 to 10 where 0 is high perception and 10 is low. In 2010 Costa Rica received a score of 5.3 and this year dropped to 4.8. Of 182 countries is ranked 50, New Zealand ranks first, followed by Finland and Denmark. Somalia and North Korea (included in the index for the first time), are the last. For Transparency International, corruption is the abuse of power for personal gain and this index focuses on specifically involving public officials or public employees politicians. The measurement is a combination of surveys. Data were obtained from expert and business surveys conducted by various independent institutions.

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