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Costa Rica Sees 60% Decline in New Job Openings

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There is a rising distrust amongst traders in Costa Rica. This downward trust had a direct effect on the lack of new jobs in the country. Compared to the same period of 2010, Costa Rica saw a 60% decline in new positions being generated.

Original Article Text From El Finacieror Costa via Google Translate :

New jobs were reduced by 60% in commercial sector

In October this year, business has generated 3654 new jobs, 60% less than reported in comparison to the same period of 2010 (9341 posts).

The data are part of the study on Sector Confidence Index commercial (ICSC) conducted by the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica every three months for the last quarter of the year.

For Arnold André Tinoco, president of the Chamber, the decline in employment growth is also a response to the decline in the confidence of traders, who reached this last measurement, like the previous quarter, the 101 points. “A greater distrust less hiring. The commercial sector confidence is re points and one point above the critical threshold (100 points). Traders do not observe improvements in their future expectations, “said the chief.

An example of this is that the study indicates that only 15% of marketers will increase their number of hires, compared with 70% who do not plan to increase your return.

This data goes hand in hand 47% of companies not planning to increase its investments in the next six months or failing that will decrease your chances of investment (32%).

The index uses a sample of 750 entrepreneurs associated with the House and has a confidence level of 95%.

Traders Critical of Government Work
The trade sector entrepreneurs negatively qualify the performance of the Administration Chinchilla Miranda, giving it a rating of 4.7 on a scale of 1 to 10. “This perception of poor performance of government is shared by all companies, regardless of size,” he said Tinoco.

The lack of direction (28%) and lack of leadership (16%) are two of the main criticisms of the sector makes to the state.

In turn, the lack of negotiation (10%) and failure in decision-making (8%) are other aspects that the union takes aim at the president and his government. The critics agree with the results detached from the Consumer Confidence Survey , conducted by Unimer for El Financiero, where only 14.1% of Costa Rican households rated the work of the Government of Chinchilla as “very good”.

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