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Costa Rica Sees 68% Occupancy Rates During Its Domestic Season

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Despite visitor apathy, Costa Rican tourism business projected a 68% occupancy rate during its peak domestic season. As is the standard, the southern Caribbean region saw the highest occupancy rate at 76.4%.

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Despite the Apathy, Tourism Business Projected 68% Cccupancy

Tour operators said that mid-term holiday project a 68% occupancy in the hotel options nationwide. The expectation is optimistic, despite the low level of employment is one week rest period of six months.

Lodging establishments located in Monteverde, Guanacaste North and North Plains are some options more demand for hotel services vacation period of six months, according to the results of the survey of expectations and occupation conducted by the National Tourism (Canatur).

The average occupancy of reservations recorded during the consultation period on average 38.9% recorded for the whole country, North Monteverde and Guanacaste are the areas that at the time of the survey had higher occupancy with 50.3%, 47.6% and 46.4% respectively.

Juan Carlos Ramos, president of the Canatur, said that despite the reported occupancy is low, expected that as the holidays approach reserves increase. “The consultation was held one week before the start of vacation of fifteen days, yet confirmed that the occupation has not moved in the manner expected by the employer, we must recognize that the national tourist does not reserve far in advance, so we are optimistic, “he said.

According to the results of occupation categories confirmed by hotel type, number of stars and range of rooms, mountain lodging establishments, four stars and less than ten rooms, are those who reported the highest rates with 46, 1%, 47.6% and 51.7% respectively.

Do not lose faith
Entrepreneurs hope the holiday period gives them greater business activity, since according to the consultation, the general expectation of employment from 01 to 16 July is 67.7%, which means they expect seven of ten rooms are occupied, while the expectation of employment for domestic tourism is around 45.1%.

The region with the highest occupancy general expectation is the Southern Caribbean with 76.4%, while 47.8% Central Valley accusing the season period over the exodus of nationals to other regions of the country, making it the region receive less optimistic tourist demand for the service for that period.

Regarding the segmentation of categories, beach lodging establishments handle an expectation of 74.3%, however, one star hotels and range from 100 to 200 rooms aiming higher with 81.1% and 82 , 2% expected, respectively.

The survey was conducted from 18 to 23 June to 104 lodging establishments of all tourist regions, monitored the hotel demand and the expectation of the sector for the period mid-year vacation.

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