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Costa Rica: Solution to Lack of Water in Guanacaste

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Costa Rica plans to invest $100 million in a large reservoir that would supply water to more than 350,000 people who lack water in Guanacaste.

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Great water reservoir will 350 000 people

The intention is to make a similar to the Arenal reservoir, but in a smaller dimension.

Be located in the lower part of the canton of Abangares, in about 21 farms that are currently being devoted to livestock, as the land is not very fertile for agriculture, by contrast, are very calcígenos and have a block of stone below the surface which will facilitate the water does not leak.

“They’ll be summers where supply wells will not cope. Therefore it is important to map the surface waters of the country. In Guanacaste are trying to build a large dam-water reservoir that allows us to store about 80 million cubic meters in the canton of Bagaces, to have another option. Not only for irrigation but also for drinking water in the driest part of the country, “explained general manager Senara, Bernal Soto.

The project cost more studies after the coming into operation, would amount to $ 100 million in two years what would be built. However, the gains that leave the project must be secured to justify the investment.

“We already have the feasibility study of the dam, also have environmental impact studies. We are doing a market survey for demand to be in five to ten years by tourism, Water and Sewer and Roasted and that will allow the project profitability, “said Soto.

The reservoir will not take up a river to keep it full. Relying on this is what has made the distribution of the precious liquid is not enough. Therefore, they devised that, as happens today, ICE gives Senara during the dry season 80 meters cubed per second of water from the Arenal reservoir.

Of that number is used for irrigation only half, ie 40 meters are free to deviate to a river and sent to sea, rather than exploit.

Environmental experts indicate that the project as presented so far is very successful since it will provide an environmentally friendly solution to a problem caused by climate change.

“This project would provide a solution to something that is being wasted and that certainly comes to solving health problems even. What is there to take care not to damage an area that can be used for something, but Guanacaste has many spaces that are not used and whether to give an answer to the problem of water in the country. Congratulations, “said the engineer and environmental analyst, Oscar Abarca.

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