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Costa Rica Starts $1.7 Billion Infrastructure Projects

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After years of waiting, and dealing with globally low-ranking infastructure, Costa Rica is set to start $1.7 billion in infrastructure renovations, which the country hopes will improve its image abroad and boost its economy.

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Costa Rica to Invest U.S. $ 1,700 Million in Infrastructure
After years of waiting, all the stars aligned on the infrastructure agenda.
A constellation of works managed to advance the previous month and is expected to start construction this year and next. Four projects, but they represent an investment by the order of U.S. $ 1,700 million.

A mega-port in the Caribbean, the expansion of two roads and the construction of other projects are comprising the agenda. With the development of works seeks to leave behind the bad image that has the country in road and port worldwide.

Endorsement to carry out the construction of the container terminal in Moin, Limon, is the flagship project. It consists of an island that will serve as port capacity to handle vessels up to 8,000 containers.

With an investment of U.S. $ 1,000 million, also includes the installation of 13 cranes and a breakwater of 1.5 kilometers. The work is divided into three stages and only the first is to invest U.S. $ 620 million. Also generate 1,000 jobs for the construction phase.

The Comptroller granted the endorsement of the large port terminal on March 21, this is the last red tape. However, because they still must complete the studies and final design, the beginning of the work is scheduled for September 2013. Another breakthrough that was achieved was the transfer of the concession contract to extend the road from the capital to San Ramon.

The Brazilian firm OAS took over in late March, the plan that had been assigned initially to the Valley Highway. What promotes the grant is to expand to eight and six-lane road sections with high traffic and build a passage between Río Segundo and Bethlehem.

Also includes overpasses at busy intersections and give the country the major route of safety components. The cost of the works is estimated at U.S. $ 550 million, preliminarily. The transfer of the project must be approved by the National Tender Board and then by the Comptroller.

The plan to widen the stretch of road between Cañas and Liberia in Guanacaste, also stepped forward last month. After several appeals, which were ultimately rejected, they managed to sign the contract.

Two to four lanes will expand the section of road to be involved. It will also have sidewalks, bike paths and pedestrian bridges. The cost of work is U.S. $ 96 million, the construction was awarded to the Consortium FCC. If obstacles arise again, work on the path to begin this month Guanacaste.

Running almost parallel to develop the construction of North Atlantic Road Corridor, which consists of a road connecting the north with the Caribbean. The project, known as Lap-Kooper Chilamate includes an investment of U.S. $ 55 million.

Both this new route as the expansion of the passage between Cañas and Liberia are important for regional goods transport.

They are also the country’s commitments made within the Mesoamerica Project, an initiative of governments from Mexico to Panama, which promotes the modernization of infrastructure.

Given that Costa Rica is the most undervalued in terms of infrastructure the effort to do it more. Ports Ticos are the fifth most inefficient in the world and highways is ranked 124 of 142 countries evaluated.

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