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Nicaragua Calls it, “An Environmental Disaster”. Costa Rica Says, “It is a Trade Route”. The Battle Rages on Over the Rio San Juan

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After its inability to launch an efficient strategy against the judges of the Central American Court of Justice (CCJ), the Government of Costa Rica implemented its “plan B” to deny the jurisdiction of the Court in its territory, and proceed with its planned road construction.

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Trade Sanctions Concern Ticos

Costa Rica took the step of those who know guilty and will not pay for his crime: escape from justice.

This is what I think Nicaraguan environmentalists say for the reasons why the Costa Rican government refused to comply with the resolution of the Central American Court of Justice (CCJ), who ordered it to halt construction of a road 160 km parallel the river San Juan de Nicaragua, which is negatively affecting the ecology of the protected area.

After it is unable to launch the strategy of offenses against the judges of the CCJ, the Government of Costa Rica implemented its “plan B” to deny the jurisdiction of the Court in its territory, to proceed with what environmentalists have called a “environmental disaster”.

“Their response, arrogant, is a defense mechanism for when someone knows that he holds the right and it is more than obvious the damage was done to our river San Juan,” said Kamilo Lara, president of the National Forum Recycling (Fonar), one of the two environmental groups that sued to Costa Rica to the CCJ.

For its part, Costa Rican Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo, said yesterday, before fifty diplomats accredited to your country, that the order of the CCJ to block the construction of the road San Jose conceived as national defense work is an “abusive act “this court and requested the support of the countries of Central American Integration System.

“The Central American Court of Justice improperly seeks to have jurisdiction and jurisdiction over a country like Costa Rica, who has not accepted, and in fact explicitly rejected in 1995, through the Legislative Assembly, the ultimate expression sovereign country, “said Castillo.

After the resolution of the CCJ, the fears that this court impose trade sanctions on the export sector increased in Costa Rica.

Foreign Trade Minister, Anabel Gonzalez, asked not to be issued measures related to trade restrictions because it would affect the Central American integration process.

“I hope no one would enter this field happens because the reality is that the Central American economic integration scheme has been progressing very well. We have mechanisms that ensure the smooth flow of trade in the region and I think this is something that is of interest to us (for) that works well, “he told reporters in San Jose.

In Costa Rica there is speculation about a possible closure Nicaraguan border to prevent the flow of commerce tico, so such reactions.

Monica Araya, president of the Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica (Cadexco), has also spoken out against any trade restrictions may be imposed by the CCJ.

“They affect us all. A tradesmen, businessmen, exporters and general populations, “he said.

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