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Costa Rica Takes Steps Against Tax Evasion

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Costa Rica plans to expose individuals, businesses, and corporations who are delinquent in their tax payments through a public notification system. Tax defaulters would be exposed to publicly accessible information about the names of individuals and the legal entities that have tax debts to the Treasury, and the amount of such debt.

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Tax Defaulters Would Be Exposed

This is established an initiative supported by the Broad Front deputies of all parliamentary factions, and even by the Executive in a bid to promote fiscal transparency.

This is a change to the Bill to Strengthen Tax Management approved Tuesday in the Economic Affairs Committee of Congress.

The MPs supported the National Liberation party (PLN), Accessibility without Exclusion (PASE), (PAC) and the Libertarian Movement.

The motion of the Broad Front introduces a reform of Article 115 of the Code of Regulations and Procedures Tax, related to the use of information.

Under the reform, “will be publicly accessible information about the names of individuals and legal entities that have tax debts to the Treasury, and the amount of such debt.”

It also empowers the Revenue to publish lists of debtors to the Treasury and the amounts owed. Also be disclosed to persons or companies have not submitted their declarations or economic activities without having to register as taxpayers.

Currently, the law makes that information as secret and penalizes disclosure.

A recent case is the investigation continues against 12 officials of the Ministry of Finance by the leak of information related to the tax records of former Minister Fernando Herrero.

The initiative of Deputy Jose Maria Villalta comes after the controversy sparked an investigation by this newspaper, in which it was revealed that a company created by Smith and his wife, Flor Isabel Rodriguez, omitted income from ¢ 50 million in its income statement 2010.

For Francisco Chacón, Minister of Communication, agreed at the Commission shows that there is cross-party consensus on legal reform “and we would support that decision.”

To Villalta, the change entails greater transparency, and strengthens the right to information and freedom of the press.

“The public has a right to know who are not meeting their tax obligations. In turn, this will help to improve tax collection, “he said.

Luis Fernando Mendoza, PLN deputy and member of the Economic Committee, said the reform initiative is endorsed to the Ministry of Finance.

The project should now move to discussion in plenary.

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