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Costa Rica Tourism Report 2011; 4.6% Growth

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The country of Costa Rica surpassed the 2 million tourists mark in 2011, with the markets of Europe, North America and South America showing the strongest growth.

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Costa Rica: Tourism grew by 4.6% in 2011

During 2011, Costa Rica received 2,195,960 foreign tourists who entered for all ports. In relation to 2010, is an increase of 4.6%, equivalent to more than 96,131 tourists in the previous period. This was revealed data provided by the Directorate General of Immigration (DGME) and analyzed by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

To the Minister of Tourism, Allan Flores, these figures represent the results of hard work done by the public and private sector by encouraging the arrival of visitors to the country and the positioning of Costa Rica as a destination innovator and pioneer in the development of tourism sustainable.

Nearly 70% of tourist arrivals in 2011 were recorded by air. 1,196,257 for the International Airport Juan Santamaria and 264,165 by the International Airport Daniel Oduber Quirós.

The main tourism markets for the country showed growth in 2011, and Europe grew by 4.8% North America 3.9% and South America with a growth of 8.2%.

Year end
December closed positively. There were 217,743 international tourists entering by all ports, representing an increase of 7.6% over the same month in 2010 (15,347 tourists more).

Also, this month reported an increase in the Daniel Oduber International Airport, 31.4%, for a total of 35,121 tourists entered through the port in December.
During this period, North America showed an 11.9% growth – 17.6% Canada and the United States with 11.4% – a figure which reinforces the point that the latter remains the main source of tourists (they U.S. 88,074), followed by South America, with an increase of 7.5%, a continent where Brazil stands out with growth of 29.5% in December.

“We are committed heavily in attracting airlines to our country, in the positioning of the destination at international fairs and promoting the attractions in our core markets, however, it is important that these efforts are strengthened by the support the private sector and the commitment of each one of those who make up the tourism industry, to ensure the quality and sustainability of the destination as our primary differentiator, “said Flores.

The Tourism Minister said that before a world stage full of challenges, the tourism industry must continue to have challenges with innovation and promote the development of new market niches such as rural community tourism, medical tourism, cultural tourism and congress and convention tourism, which will strengthen the construction of the National Convention Centre and Exhibition.

“We will continue working hard to raise as much as possible and the average stay of visitors to Costa Rica, so that tourism will continue to generate significant benefits to the entire value chain,” said Flores.

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