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Costa Rica Wants Its Own Dry Canal, Courts China for Funding

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Costa Rica is after China for its money. The country hopes the Asian nation will offer funding to build a dry canal in Costa Rica. The plan is to build two road extensions that will allow for the transport of cargo between the Caribbean and the Pacific without going through the Central Valley of the country.

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President Seeks to Build Resources in China ‘Dry cCnal’

One of the main achievements that President Laura Chinchilla would return from his visit to China, would be the funding for two expansions road that would serve as a sort of “dry canal” that would transport cargo between the Caribbean and the Pacific, bypassing the Central Valley.

his was confirmed to The Nation the president during his stay in Beijing.

Chinchilla has said that ongoing negotiations with the Chinese government and financial authorities of that country to obtain resources to expand the road from the port of Limon Sarapiqui, and also for the road connecting with Vuelta Kooper Chilamate in the north.

In these two works would join a third, which would connect the transit cargo Peñas Blancas, located on the border with Nicaragua, and that would be financed with funds from the Inter American Development Bank (BCIE).

Together, the three works establish a network of connections, as a “dry canal” would mobilize large volumes of cargo between the two oceans without congesting traffic on the Central Valley.

“If we are looking for this resource, but it is almost. If we realize what the extension would Sarapiquí-Limón a very large investment. We have two or three scenarios. Depending on how negotiations progress with the government and financial authorities of China, this could be one of the results of the tour, “said President Chinchilla.

The Sarapiqui-Limón road is a project of 108 kilometers, which includes 14 overpasses, bus bays, pedestrian bridges, a central dividing barrier and a bike path.

The total construction cost is now estimated between $ 350 and $ 420 million.

The project Bajos de Sarapiqui Chilamate-Vuelta Kooper, in San Carlos, seeks to build a 27-kilometer road to replace the current road, which is 87 kilometers and has curves and slopes that impede the smooth transit of heavy load.

President Laura Chinchilla said that the search for funds managed with the authorities of China, does not include money for the construction of the “trail” bordering the river San Juan.

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