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Costa Rican Import Chambers in Dispute with Exporting Companies

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The Costa Rica Chamber of Importers (CRECEX) has begun signing up members and providing services to exporters, while the Chamber of Exporters (CADEXCO) is experiencing an institutional crisis, creating a warring environment between the two organizations. Internal problems which occurred in Cadexco prompted the resignation of several directors and the disaffiliation of exporting companies.

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CRECEX and open war Cadexco Membership of Exporters

Costa Rican Importers cameras (CRECEX) and Exporters of Costa Rica (Cadexco) started the war, as the two seek to affiliate companies selling abroad.

The play opened because CRECEX stepped on the field of export, openly announcing yesterday the opening of a program designed specifically for that sector. It started a month ago.

The plan to attract exporters CRECEX occurs while still living Cadexco internal fragmentation, known publicly since 27 January. The administrative situation led to separate the then executive vice president of the exporters, Sergio Navas.

After this measure, 12 of the 26 directors of Cadexco resigned. The defector group is waiting for the call for extraordinary general meeting to determine the position of the camera. Monica Araya, who remains president of Cadexco, said yesterday he is planning the date for the general assembly.

He added that it can not provide details of an internal audit in the chamber because the process is under investigation in the Public Ministry.

Membership. The defector group Cadexco Policy said several firms withdrew from the camera in view of the internal fracture. But Araya said yesterday that in one year was 3% of resignation, but was offset by 4% of membership.

According to the data that were presented at general meetings last year, has 270 signatures Cadexco and partner organizations.

Luis Fernando Monge, executive director of CRECEX, acknowledged yesterday that he has rumors about a large Cadexco disaffiliation, which has increased since last month.

He said the program “CRECEX exports” previously thought, whatever happened to the inner-chamber.

“But if that happens (the output of firms) and we can offer them the services they want, they are welcome,” he acknowledged.

He said, however, appear unwilling exploited the situation, so have not yet made a public announcement of the program. For now, he said, sent emails and messages to interested companies.

Olman Briceño, a small business owner and one agricultural export managers who defected from Cadexco, said he disaffiliated because she was represented by President Araya.

He criticized the discussions that were given to the internal of the Board, which caused not seriously discuss the important issues for the sector.

He said he now feels helpless, without representation.

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