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Costa Ricans Held Hostage by Lack of Flight Choices

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The market for air travel in Costa Rica is dominated by AviancaTaca and Copa, meaning that most Costa Ricans have a lack of flight choices and are at the mercy of the airlines for fares.

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Ticos lack of options to choose flight fares

When choosing between an airline and another to fly from Costa Rica to a destination point, the passenger will notice slight differences in costs not exceed $ 10. Enter here and compare flight costs. With a market dominated by two competitors (Avianca Taca and Copa), the margin of price competition is nonexistent.

Rather opt Airlines to offer packages and seasonal promotions to differentiate themselves.In addition, the cost of tickets is not always proportional to the distances. For example, although the closer destinations are Central Americans, almost the same money you can travel to some U.S. cities, is also more expensive to fly to Honduras that in Guatemala, the second further.

The Financial developed a consultation comparison cost of the flights on 15 May for airline Web sites. For all inquiries we used the same parameter: departure and return June 15 to 22 in economy class, non-stop.In cases where there are no flights on those dates, it was the closest may not weekend. When there are only indirect flights, it was clarified in the chart. The destinations and airlines were taken from the Civil Aviation Authority on 11 May.

Minimal differences
Ireth Rodriguez, Director of Marketing of Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), said in a market with only two competitors, who have established service frequencies, there is little room to handle very different rates. The costs vary, for example, if the airline sold blocks of seats at a predetermined price – a tour operator, for example – the number of passengers on the route, type of aircraft used, the tax imposed at a particular destination the cost of operating in a country, among others.

In addition, Claudia Arenas, global head of Communications and Corporate Affairs Avianca Taca, explained that the payment of taxes and airport charges is lower in the United States to which we applied in Central America. Arenas said that some airlines use aggressive sales strategies to zero utility, using their hubs and is temporarily where an airline can show off best rate. But it is far from a permanent policy in time.

Competition from low cost
Low-cost carriers like JetBlue and Spirit Airlines offer alternatives to fly to Miami and Orlando for the same price to fly to El Salvador in Cup or Taca Avianca.” Taca and Copa Airlines are focused primarily on corporate travelers and people traveling to visit friends and family. Favor the convenience of the hours and frequency of service to the possibility of offering a lower price, “Rodriguez said.

Arenas said the prices for these airlines are not always the end, since in some cases extra payments should be added for each bag, for food, having a certain location on the plane, for changing their reservation, fuel, airport charges and other .

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