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Costa Rica’s Economy Keeps Growing

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Costa Rica’s economic activity grew by almost 7% in 2012, largely due to upswings in manufacturing which increased almost 15%, as well as a strong showing from Call Centers which posted a 12% increase.

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Economic Activity Grew Almost 7%

The economy maintained a strong momentum and grew in March by 6.83% over the same month last year, according to revised monthly index of economic activity (Imae) published by the Central Bank.

The Imae is an indicator that attempts to measure the variation of the physical production of goods (such as microprocessors and potatoes, for example) and services (education and health, for example).

The indicator used is the cyclical trend series, which excludes seasonal and irregular factors.

Current growth is mainly due to manufacturing, which increased almost 15% in March over the same month last year, but there are other activities with strong growth as “other business services” which includes call centers, which maintains a 12% increase yoy.

The caption “Financial intermediation and insurance” remains a strong acceleration in March and reached an increase of almost 8% over the same month last year.

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