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Costa Rica’s Ports Operating Again

Article Summary:

Police entered the ports of Moin and Limon, which had been paralyzed for two days because of a strike, reactivating the loading and unloading of goods. The government claims to have full control of both ports by the use of riot police.

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Original Article Text From Nacion via Google Translate :

Moin dock operations reactivated

Groups of riot police restored calm in the vicinity of Port Limon Moin, after around 10:45 am there were clashes with union representatives Japdeva.

Even the banana-laden vans normally make entry to the port to load three ships that are docked early hours of the morning.

A group of about 15 vehicles with trade unionists Japdeva travel Route 32 and downtown Limon peacefully with police escort.

It is noteworthy that the clashes occurred the morning after a group of union was submitted outside the port peacefully with placards and rejecting the seizure of spring.

However, the police did not allow them to be in place and removed with the use of tear gas.

Moreover, the neighborhood movement that manifested itself in Pocora on Route 32 to 30 minutes of Moin and was removed by police. Those complaining about problems with water service.

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