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Costa Rica’s Potholes Will Never Get Filled

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Government, bureaucracy, and environmentalists remain entangled together, while, like an inevitable tragedy, the country’s infrastructure continues to decline.

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And port infrastructure?

It can not be that Costa Rica does not progress in infrastructure. Our country is ranked worst by the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Bank, 2012-2013. Among 144 countries, Costa Rica is ranked as 95, 131 on roads, 106 on railways, 140 ports, 60 airports, 94 mobile phones and 42 in quality of electricity service.

These figures should concern and seek solutions for short and long term. The infrastructure and an inefficient bureaucracy are the main factors affecting our development. What are the main reasons that have produced this deadlock? Is it logical to postpone strategic investments for decades? Are we stuck in a maze of paperwork and legal standards that have stalled as a nation? Is it, perhaps, the lack of financial or human resources our limiting? Can we keep putting the solutions?

Japdeva. Worryingly, the latest investment in equipment and infrastructure in Moin was in 2002. How can consumers be still paying more than $ 20,000 per day for each day of delay of the ships, due to congestion? It is alarming that a port which handles 80% of our load, had limited its borrowing capacity to $ 1 million. Is it logical that 73% of revenues go Japdeva salaries and privileges? Are Japdeva breach its obligation to worry about the development of Lemon? Can Japdeva be sustainable with steady income and growing expenses? There is no doubt that an efficient Japdeva is key to the development of Limon.

But, to improve productivity, Japdeva be renewed. With a change in the law of Japdeva and approval of a loan for $ 55 million, this institution will have an opportunity to purchase new equipment and expand Moin. Better infrastructure and a new culture Moin will give the possibility to specialize in a terminal for conventional vessels care, bulk and mixed.

Moreover, the port of Limon would specialize in quality care to cruises, which have fallen by half in the last two years due to lack of facilities and improvement in the port city of Limon and attractive tourist destinations. A Lemon City has an approved project for over two years to build a sanitary sewer, improve the ornament, the heritage rescue and paving. However, progress has been less than 5%. Is not it shameful this execution in a forgotten city with high unemployment?.

APM Terminals. With the new APM port, Costa Rica will be able to receive ships of 8,000 Post Panamax container, unlike Moin, which can only receive ships of 2,500 containers. Currently, due to the limitations of Moin, Feeder must resort to boats, more expensive our export and import costs. With 16 cranes, a spring of 1500 meters and a depth of 16 meters, will be competing in the next 30 years with the great ports of the Caribbean. This new port is an investment that will exceed $ 1,000 million and becomes strategic to improve our competitiveness. APM generate more than 300 new direct jobs and 1,500 indirect jobs, and allow us to compete successfully. New jobs, more efficiency, more competition, more tourism, more investment and, above all, new opportunities will be generated with this new port.

Problems. Worryingly opposition from some environmentalists and Sintrajap, who know perfectly well that a work of this magnitude will require a major environmental mitigation and compensation technically supported. For this project applies strict control, but it is just not reasonable to meet set deadlines. For all major infrastructure projects, Setena and professional technical team must play a strategic role, and in doing so, we reinforce it with greater human and financial resources point.

The Dutch company APM has several major port projects in the world and we meet each other with financial commitments, legal, infrastructural, social and environmental commitments. This project must pass all filters to be shielded against the many legal resources have us trapped. Not valid that the Government does not meet the requirement of a new way of ballast and installation of bridges bailey that were scheduled for October this year. Moreover, increased competition will force Japdeva to improve productivity.

Outputs. We can not continue as we are. Only if we improve our competitiveness, we will grow, create more jobs, improve quality of life and attract new investment. Port infrastructure strengthens national industry distribution, production and marketing. Having an efficient port to receive Post Panamax vessels, improving ports of Moin and Limon, the extension of Route 32, with the support of China, and project implementation Puerto Limón City allow us to be more productive.

The challenge for the new government will concentrate efforts to undertake and complete these projects. It is important to establish a national council infrastructure to coordinate all activities involving the power to do public work. Costa Rica requires higher levels of investment in infrastructure, but, above all, a cultural change to resolve the current impasse. We need to revamp the current legal framework to facilitate investment, greater transparency, accountability, better planning, eliminate the differences in regulations and standards, absolute respect for the environment, legal certainty, efficiency, control and accountability. This is the basic challenge to believe in public-private partnerships, and new investment in the state. Do not postpone the solutions. Is runtime.

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  • Robert in Vancouver

    Left-wing political groups disguised as environmentalists are causing many countries to reduce standards of living and ruin the future for all citizens.

    They tell us they are saving the planet, but their policies end up doing more harm than good. Meanwhile, their real goal is to re-shape world politics into their fantasy of a perfect Soviet Socialist Republic with them in charge.

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