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Costa Rica’s Too Small Airport Squeezes Planes, Travelers

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The international airport in the capital of Costa Rica will soon be too small to meet the air traffic needs of the nation in the next 10 years. Experts say now is the time to expand, but debate continues on a budget and the best location to build.

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Country Requires ‘pensionar’ at Juan Santamaría 2025

If projections are met Civil Aviation, in 2025 the country will reach 9 million passengers, the Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela, will be unable to receive.

This situation forced the authorities to revive plans to build a new modern airport terminal, you can attend ships wide body (such as the Boeing 747-400, the Airbus A340-600 or Boeing 777).

Currently, when an airplane lands of this type (such as Iberia), the rest of the airport is paralyzed, because the body of the aircraft’s wings as wide and as long as the space between the runway and the taxiing track is very narrow.

The idea of ​​”pensionar” to Santamaría not new, because in 1996 there was talk of a larger airfield that Santamaria.

At that time, the U.S. firm TAMS Inc. recommended to Civil Aviation Administration moved the Juan Santamaria Airport to private hands, while building a new terminal, which became operational in 2020.

Luis Carlos Araya, currently Deputy Minister of Air Transport, agreed that they can not keep wasting time, as improvements in yield Santamaría until 2025, five years longer than expected TAMS.

“What we are doing is providing what we can come in the future if we do not act. If this country does not have the port infrastructure needs, with a growing tourism in a few years we will be in trouble, “said the deputy minister.

The new projections are based on a new study by the Spanish firm Engineering and Transport Economics (Ineco), who suggested priority works for the coming years on airport for the whole country.

Among them, said Luis Carlos Araya, the airport is 2025 (as they call it would have more size than Santamaria) and new airfields in the south and San Carlos.

Recommendations also cover improvements to the track La Managua (Quepos) and relocation Limón International Airport, which now operates within the maritime zone and is flooded with some frequency.

This study includes the projection that by 2025, Costa Rica will receive 9 million passengers and will have an annual growth of 4.6%.

A concession. Santamaría If indeed the remaining 13 years of her life, the State has no other choice but to seek partners for the new project.

According to Luis Carlos Araya, the country can not finance a work of between $ 1,500 million and $ 2,000 million in equity and that means negotiating new concession.

For now, the most recommended site is located in Coyolar of Orotina, also in Alajuela. The property is owned by a Spanish citizen unnamed deputy minister recalled.

The airstrip would be between 3,000 and 4,000 meters in length and should leave the space for a second runway.

The track is 3012 meters Santamaría.

If the idea of ​​the big new terminal completed, the Orotina would become the major international airport in the country.

This possibility requires, in turn, an extension and improvement of the San José-Caldera.

Meanwhile, Juan Santamaría happen to meet local flights and get planes jets small, and that they will meet the aircraft to repair COOPESA.

Also involve the closure of the Tobias Bolaños Airport, located in Pavas, Araya forward.

The Nation sought to know the reason for the delays in these works in previous governments, but was unable to locate the former Minister of Public Works and Transport Karla González, deputy minister or Viviana Martín.

The former Minister Javier Chaves said, through his spokeswoman, who would not refer to this case.

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  • John Kartman

    All of the lands around Juan Santamaria Airport are for sale, easy to expand the airport, or for developers as well, The most prime piece is adjacent to Wal-Mart and faces the freeway with approved access, 55,000m2, only $250 per m2, brokers welcome.

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