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Costa Rica Ordered to Halt Work at San Juan River, or There Will be Consequences.

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The Central American Court of Justice (CCJ) has ordered the government of Costa Rica to immediately suspend its road building work on the right bank of the San Juan River, which borders Nicaragua, citing negative environmental impacts. The two countries will meet again in February at the CCJ, but Costa Rica has a history of not recognizing the CCJ and its demands, and was firmly warned if the country is not present at the trial there would be consequences.

Original Article Text From Prensa Latina via Google Translate :

Costa Rica Court Orders Stop Work Harmful to the Environment

Managua, Jan 18 (Prensa Latina) The Central American Court of Justice (CCJ) ordered the government of Costa Rica in the immediate suspension of road building on the right bank of the river San Juan to the strong environmental impact, said today the Nicaraguan press. 
In Thus, the court supported the request for precautionary measures demanding environmental organizations: the Nicaraguan Foundation for Sustainable Development, chaired by Jaime Incer, and the National Recycling Forum, by Kamilo Lara. 

According to the President of the CCJ, Darius Francisco Lobo, quoted by El Nuevo Diario, order immediate arrest of the book is intended to prevent the situation from worsening, irreversible damage occurs and irreparable, to safeguard the rights of each party. 

The judges also asked the Commission for Environment and Development within 10 days submit a technical report on the possible consequences and effects caused by construction on the environment and the San Juan basin, the newspaper said. 

Darío Wolf said that in the first half of February, there will be a hearing where the parties present their arguments and then to give a final ruling on the case and said that if Costa Rica does not present this event the trial continue listening only to the part plaintiff. also warned that if Costa Rica refused to obey this injunction resolution or final decision of the CCJ, correspond to the Meeting of Presidents, the highest organ of the Central American Integration System (SICA), take appropriate measures, diplomatic, economic or financial.
The regional court said that this case and others who handle the CCJ will be presented to the President pro tempore of SICA, the president Porfirio Lobo, for which he has a meeting scheduled on 20 January. On the other hand, the La Prensa newspaper, noted the statement issued late on by the president of the Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica, Ana Virginia Calzada, who says his country does not abide by any decision or ruling that the American court issued

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