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CR Inreases Its Lead in Wind Power Production With $650 Million Investment

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Costa Rica is the largest producer of wind power on the Isthmus. It is set to advance its location with the addition of 10 more wind farms in the country, boosting its inflow of resources to the communities of Guanacaste, Puntarenas and San José by $650 million.

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Farm Attracts Huge Investment boom
Wind energy becomes the gateway to a millionaire investment to some communities in Guanacaste, Puntarenas and San José.

Ten projects to produce energy generated by wind power are on the way to attract an inflow of resources by the order of $ 650 million. The new plant will provide 280 megawatts of energy, greater capacity than is Garabito thermal plant, the largest power project built so far.

The least amount of environmental requirements to build a wind project and the excellent quality of the winds is what stimulates the production of this energy.
Bagaces guava leads the way in attracting power projects operating from wind. Currently there are six plants in management to build on that county.
Don Quixote, whose construction will require an investment of $ 120 million, is the main project to be built in that community.

In order to give the start of construction needed to complete the study of wind that is essential to complete the feasibility studies. With a capacity of 70 megawatts, the construction of Don Quixote will be divided into two phases. The first produce 30 megawatts, was Allan Benavides, manager of the Public Service Company of Heredia (ESPH), promoter of the work.

Most likely the company will use Herediana U.S. banks to fund the project, given the good conditions they offer to clean energy projects, said Andres Zuniga, civil engineer ESPH. But wind power plants to be installed in Guanacaste, Los Leones is one that is more advanced.

Already have feasibility studies and negotiations are underway with domestic banks to finance the $ 130 million it will cost the work, said Eduardo Cabalceta, manager of generation and Coopeguanacaste projects.

The plan will produce 55 megawatts, enough to supply a community of 80 thousand homes, nearly half of the population served by the cooperative.
Wind energy production is not a matter only of public companies or cooperatives, as private groups are also involved in the business.

Such is the case of companies Venfor SA and Row DCRSA Mogote. Each of these firms managed to build a 20 MW plant with an estimated investment of $ 46 million.

They agree further that already have wind studies and negotiations are in power purchase agreement with the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), and to obtain the operating permit, said Gustavo Echeverry, President of Venfor and Mogote shareholder.

Arenal Volcano and Cocoa farms are other plans that are in negotiations to settle in Guanacaste. The two will have 11 megawatts of installed capacity and will require an investment of $ 35 million.

The first work is still under study ESPH while Cocoa is the second project promoted Coopeguanacaste to supply its subscribers. In Tilarán, for its part, the Spanish company Acciona Energy Chiripa plant installed a $ 120 million complex that will produce 49 megawatts.

The plant is driven by the ICE through the BOT model, meaning that Acciona will construct and operate the plant for 20 years during which time he will sell power to the country and then transfer it to the Institute.

Montes de Oro is one of the projects that are managed in Guanacaste, only this one will be erected in Cañas. It will have an estimated investment of $ 50 million for production of 20 megawatts.

While Central Valley, Santa Ana, is the first wind farm sits in the capital. With an investment of $ 150 million and produce 50 megawatts. mThe work is already under construction and the goal is to start production in the second half of next year, said Carlos Solera, Department of Engineering Projects Company Generation National Power and Light.

The same company managing the construction of the plant San Buenaventura, in Barranca, and includes an investment of $ 15 million. The promotion of wind energy is growing because it requires fewer obstacles in relation to other techniques such as hydro and geothermal.

A wind farm can be built into a pasture and does not require cutting down trees, flooded territories or seek concession to exploit the wind, said Zuniga. Instead, construct a plant that produces water from most studies demand the greatest environmental impact occurs, in addition to water requires a concession that it is difficult to obtain, said the engineer. To this is added that the country offers privileged regions worldwide for its wind speed.

Costa Rica has installed 116 megawatts of wind power and can grow in about 480 megawatts.

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