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Direct Foreign Investment Plummets 25% in Costa Rica

Article Summary:

Costa Rica is experiencing a significant drop in Direct Foreign Investment, with a decrease of 25% from the previous year.

Original Article Text From El Financiero via Google Translate :

Foreign Direct Investment Fell 25%

In 2011 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2011 fell 25% in 2010 this area had presented a growth of over 100%. Data from the balance of payments published today by the Central Bank reveals that in the year the country received $ 2,104 for this item million while in 2010 the amount was $ 2,812 million.

The trade deficit (exports minus imports of goods) was $ 5,150 million, which is able to cover the amounts of FDI over the services sector. The move represents a brake on capital flows that had been entering the country by the initial investment of new telecommunications and insurance companies.

The current account deficit of the country grew by 18.9%, which in 2011 totaled $ 2,200 million. Growth was moderate in relation to the registered in 2010 when it was 221%. The current account deficit represents an excess cost of domestic economic agents in relation to their income.

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