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Efficiency is the Aim. Road Expansion Underway at Costa Rica, Nicaragua Border

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A decrease in transit time from three days to less than an hour is a goal of road and remolding work currently underway at the Costa Rica and Nicaraguan Border.

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Costa Rica started expanding customs border with Nicaragua
Decrease the three and a half days it takes for carriers at the office of Peñas Blancas to less than an hour is the main objective of the work of expansion to four lanes of the road which crosses the customs and who started this week.

The construction is part of a plan to address the urgent needs of the job, which also includes the remodeling of the immigration station, which will be ready in March, Foreign Trade Minister, Anabel Gonzalez.

The extension of hours at midnight, the remodeling of the spraying unit and the implementation of the International Transit of Goods Plan are actions that were implemented since late last year.

Gonzalez declined to elaborate pending when they will work because the other week to visit the customs inspections and refine the schedule, but said that should not extend beyond the first half of the year.

Neither spoke much on the amount of the investment, he insisted they should be fine-tuned some details before giving a number.

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