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5 Central American Nations Join Forces in London

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Five Central American countries have joined forces in London at the World Travel Market (WTM) tourism fair in an effort to promote unified travel to the region.

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Original Article Text From La Prensa Honduras via Google Translate :

Central Joins Forces to Promote Tourism in London

The countries of Central have joined forces in tourism fair in London, World Travel Market (WTM) , which opened today, for promoting “comprehensive and integrated” to several destinations in the area.

Located adjacent positions WTM, held today through Thursday at the campus Excel in the British capital, countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica both promote the region’s natural landscapes and its historic attractions artistic and religious.

“We have always supported multi-destination tourism. Know that in the area have complementary products. Far from seeing us as competition, we understand that, being small countries, it is easy for tourists traveling from place to place,” he told Efe, Maru Acevedo, Vice Minister of Tourism of Guatemala .

Different states in the area, which last year received nearly twelve million visitors and the first half of 2012 reached 6.5 million (3% more than during the same period of 2011), intended to join forces to create products Tourist comprehensive, integrated and ultimately more economical.

“Each has its strengths. In our case, Guatemala does not have the best beaches, but we can put the Mayan culture. We have packages that combine artistic tourism in our country and the beach or the nature of other countries such as Costa Rica or Honduras and so we get a much better product , “said Acevedo.

“In these times of economic crisis, people spent money to go as far away wants to make the most and see different things. Therefore, all actions are doing to promote these package tours”, said, meanwhile, Catalina Gordon, coordinator of international promotion of Nicaragua .

Despite the economic crisis, tourist destinations in Central America, who are committed to a sustainable model that protects the ecosystem of the area, have slightly increased their number of visitors.

“The key is adaptation. Adapt to last minute reservations at low cost, to the international financial crisis … So you have to differentiate and we will survive,” said Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica, Allan Flores , who stressed that his country is a pioneer in ecotourism and sustainability.

According to Acevedo Maru, “our main cultural and natural heritage is. Both are very fragile and if not careful, we are destroying our main raw material. So we have a responsibility to publicize it and share it with the world, but at the same respect time. ”

Although the main market remains North America and neighboring countries, the American tourism industry does not hide his intention to go for Europe and emerging economies, especially in South America.

“We are keen on English tourist because it is very stable. It is a profile that looks for quality and also has money, thus increasing the average spending of tourists. Though now there is less time for the crisis, we are interested and we are here, “said Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, Jose Napoleon Duarte.

The countries also took the London show to introduce new routes and increase jobs for 717,000 European tourists visited the region in 2011.
Building on the interest in culture following the supposed end of the world in 2012, Guatemala announced a route through eleven cities related to the timing of this pre-Columbian culture.

Meanwhile, El Salvador launched on Wednesday an itinerary based on the figure of Archbishop Oscar Romero, human rights defender murdered in 1979 by the army of that country.

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